Can anyone please help me with Cori?!

Hello Good People of the Forum,

I know this Cori stuff is like beating a dead horse, but does anyone have any advice or tricks to share on how to get these reports submitted quicker and easier? I don't know what they did, but as soon as they changed the loggin page I have not been able to submit one report. I am getting a different kind of server error as well...."500- Server Error File can not be found or has been moved" when I hit submit.

Anyone...any tricks discovered to get the reports submitted? Thanx

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They are making changes. Contact the scheduler for assistance...

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Honestly, I have begun printing each report in pdf file and making screen shots of the entire report (sometimes several screen shots required). I have these a back up and would not hesitate to email them to the scheduler to "submit" my report due to their errors.

Their upgrades are driving us batty...hopefully they are done soon and have a great system.
Yes their system is terrible, yes this upgrade is a PITA. No, they are not bad people. With one exception, everyone there is helpful, understanding and nice.

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I think it may be time for me to ruffle a few feathers there over this nonsense with their reporting system.

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i am getting sick and tired of CORI's new website changes. it's just hit and miss whether or not my report will go through when i hit submit. most of the time when I click back a page, the information will still be in the report. buttt, sometimes it's today. it really, really, really irritates me when I finish a report and then it DISAPPEARS! And I have to enter the entire thing again! I'll admit, the report wasn't nearly as good the second time around. They aren't paying me for that much of my time and they certainly don't deserve it. UGGGGGHHHHHH
The report I sent in an hour ago went through without a hitch. I took a deep breath, crossed all my fingers and toes as well as my eyes, and hit "submit". While I slowly turned blue, it sat there unmoving on the screen, and then - ta-da! It was accepted before I lost consciousness.

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I thought I was the only one!

Last week I tried signing up for a shop that kept giving me a server error, and it did not post to my account under "My Jobs". However, the next day I was given an e-mail saying that my report was overdue.

When I tried calling and e-mailing them to explain that I had no idea the shop was assigned to me, they said they would look into it but have since ignored all correspondence from me.

My rating was knocked down as a "flake" for something that was not my fault, but CORI's.
I did one for them last week without any problems but now they're begging for someone to do a bunch of grocery shops. I was tempted to try to negotiate a price to do them as a route . . . but now . . . I think I'll hold off a bit.

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I had problems entering one shop for two days in a row (4 attempts). I email technical support and asked them to let the scheduler know, two days later, the scheduler emailed me that she needed the job number - tech had it but didn"t give it to her. what is even crazier, I had also emailed the scheduler directly and she had already responded the next day on it. When I emailed her, I included a copy of the form filled out, hoping she would input it for me. She did not input it, apologized stating they were working on the site and extended the due date for 3 more days. I entered the report again that day and it went through.

I will have to say that there site has inproved as you can now make a copy of the form before you submit it (beofore when I tried that it would print blank of one page only) and therefore, do not loose the information you have already entered. For now, I intend to do that with every shop submitted to them.

I really give them credit for trying to improve their system which I have been complaining to them about it for over two years and nothing had been done until now. I just wish they would put in a spell checker.
CORI has been great and I love the jobs.

I have laid myself off from working for them right now.

It is not worth my time and they cannot pay me enough to deal with the frustration of websites! I am focusing my attention on my top 20% which are worth my time right now. I have actually done much better than I thought I would. Even found a new company or two I was not aware and added new jobs! I exceeded my goal for this week and I am happy.

I really do hope they can fix the issues, quickly. I do miss their shops!
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