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Has anyone done these prescription shops? I've just added this company to my list because another shopper near me told me she does eyeglass shops. I certainly could use a new pair of eyeglasses. I'm still using the ones I got through MarketForce years ago.

I don't see any of those right now, but I do see prescription shops that would be great to pay for a prescription. Has anyone done one of these shops? Thanks for your input!

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I just signed up for a prescription one...hope it goes smoothly! Despite the BAD pay, I promised somebody I would get their prescip today anyhow so I'm going to be right there, normally for $3 I wouldn't bite....

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I'm kicking myself for not taking the time to claim one before I had to get some antibiotic last Saturday. Figured it would be a $4 script at Wal Mart -- it was $23. sad smiley

But I can't log into About Face 90% of the time. I still don't know what the problem is. I was able to get into QAM today and they're on shopmetrics but About Face just keeps looping back to the signin page and now it won't even do the password reset thing. I've tried on three different browsers and two computers so far.

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I've done 3 of them. Super short report. Three bucks is not much for pay, but my mother-in-law is on a fixed income and I've able to get her prescriptions for her this month, so that reimbursement is well worth it to me.
I recently completed earlier this month. The reimbursement was $50 off my $100 prescription, plus the shop fee. I called them and confirmed this fact before I accepted the shop. Now I am hoping that I receive that reimbursement in the coming 1-2 months. If I do, I'll be thrilled to have paid 50% of my normal cost!
Even though the pay is low, I do as many as I can. I look at it as a jackpot coupon for something I have to buy anyways. Asking a couple of questions and spending 10 minutes on a report is no problem for me.
I am half way through completing one at the "order two sets and keep one set" locations. The shop went easy, I had planned to just replace the lenses on my current pair of glasses for the set I would keep, but I made the mistake of actually shopping for glasses and tried on a pair I absolutely fellin love with. Got to cut that out! So I bought them and the pair to return and I am not exactly sure how much will be reimbursed. My total came in over the maximum reimbursement, but I treated mysell anyway. I was thinking I could write them off because I look entirely different when I was wearing them, are disguises tax deductible? Have to go read that sticky again!

Anyway, I digress, the report was easy as some others have indicated. Only problem was I have to wait a week to ten days to pick them up, and I am hitting the road next weekend, so that could be a problem. The Scheduer was very responsive and extended the date for completion as soon as I let her know the time frame they gave me for pick up.
I would have to say no the glasses being deductible. It has to be something you would only wear on the job and required by the employer. Even if is is something you think is ugly and would not want to wear elsewhere that your employer requires---- say khaki pants and a red shirt---- since you could still wear them when you walk out the door, they are not deductible. It would be a likely way to open yourself up to an audit.

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I've never even bothered to deduct my video shirts even though there is an argument against being able to wear a shirt with a missing button. In the long run it would not be worth the time if a question arose.

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Has anyone done the buy the specifically selected eyeglasses and mail them back to About Face shops? If so did it take long to get reimbursed? Also how long/short were the surveys? I'm considering doing two but that could end up being a lot of money to lay out.
The only prescription shop I saw was shop and return for $40. But, that's hundreds out of pocket for a couple of months.
Try to shop one of the shops that offer buy one get one, this way you get to keep the cheaper pair. You are required to buy Transitions lenses in polycarb. They want to evaluate the glasses to make sure the store doesn't switch to a cheaper photochromic lens and claim it's the name brand.
I love these shops! I take a daily prescription where my refill out-of-pocket expense is always over $20.00. So, for me, this is a case where the reimbursement certainly makes up for the low fee.
I was able to complete 3 for About Face. Two prescriptions were cheaper with my insurance copay. The last one was for an inhaler that was $53.00. Thank goodness that I needed to fill it at that time and was reimbursed $50.00. My insurance does not cover 'Brand' surprisingly there are no generic inhalers.
LOVE these! Got one this round and picked up a cancellation today. Yea! We just changed insurance and my last prescription was cheaper with the card.

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For the prescription shops if you have insurance and you have a $45 co-pay for a drug can you get reimbursed for your copay? There are lots of these shops here and I could easily do at least a couple.
They reimburse up to $50 for whatever your receipt says. If your drug cost is your co-pay, that's what you get! Pretty nice. My last round was all co-pays. This time the coupon was cheaper so I paid outright.

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Lisa, I would be buying those video shirts on a Goodwill shop. You can get them reimbursed that way!

Shopping across Indiana but mostly around Indianapolis.
I did one at CVS a week ago and the group number on the coupon would not work in the computer system. I got a great grade and can't wait to get reimbursed, but I wonder why the info didn't work. It didn't make sense. I downloaded the app and the card and it was the same group number that wouldn't work as on the coupon.
nanabelle Wrote:
> WOW none in my area this time....dang....

They can be done anywhere! Maybe it goes state by state, but you should
always ask!

nanabelle Wrote:
>have any of you guys had the drug store actually accept the coupon?

In my experience, the coupons are always accepted, it's just a matter of if
you want to use it or not because the price can be MUCH higher than your
co-pay. One of ours was $853 compared to a $40 deductible! Last week,
it was $9 less.

I'm "Sandi" in the Middle!

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I saw a bunch of these listed a week or so ago but I didn't sign up for any. Today I had to pick up an RX that cost me $15. All I could think was "this could've been free!" Grr!
I've actually never seen these on the board but I don't check it often. All the ones I've done were offered via email.
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