Kudos to Jancyn

I wanted to pass on a very positive experience with Jancyn. I totally messed up and did the wrong location for a breakfast shop. I had no excuses. I e-mailed the scheduler and was honest about my mistake. It had also now gone beyond the due date for the shop. However, she was able to extend the deadline for one day and I finally made it to the correct location. I appreciate them working with me on this situation.

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I love to hear positive stories. I've not worked for these folks, but it's nice to hear this.

Mike T
Looking for shops in Western Canada

"Life is good because the alternative is forever "
I absolutely love them too....have never had a bad experience and they pay like clockwork,,,,just wish they had more jobs!
Thanks for the Shout Out for our company. For those not yet signed up (esp. Canadian shoppers), sign up today!

Project Manager

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Not yet registered to shop with Jancyn? Go to www.jancyn.com and click on Shop For Jancyn in the upper right corner of the page. And may I be the first to say....Welcome Aboard!!
Jancyn is an excellent company. I love their user friendly reports also. Just wish they'd have more shops in my area.
I took a few years off and am now back shopping as much as I can. Loved Jancyn before, but haven't seen a single shop since I've updated my profile. Hope that changes soon.
I've shopped both shops that they have in my area -- one is retail and the other casual restaurant -- and both were easy shops and easy reports.
What everyone here has already said - awesome company to work for and wish there were more assignments with them.
It's among my favourite mscs. Had one issue and I almost left. However, the scheduler resolved it. Other than that, it's
been a pleasure doing shops for them. They are professionals. Just did one shop for them yesterday.
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