Bare payment schedule?

I can't find it on their site and I'm sorry if this has been stated previously, but how often does Bare send payments out?

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This acknowledgment is posted in there website under questions--------->"HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO BE PAID MY FEES?

BARE pays fees on a 30-day net cycle. Checks are usually cut between the 15th and 20th of each month and electronic payments (if the evaluator opts for those) are sent at approximately the same time. One payment is usually issued to an evaluator for all services rendered during the previous month. Emailed payment notices are sent to evaluators a few days in advance of payment; these notices should be checked carefully and any discrepancies reported as soon as possible. Should you discover a payment discrepancy, please report this to

Evaluators who opt for mailed checks should allow sufficient time for the postal service to deliver from Virginia (3-14 business days is recommended depending on your location). If you are expecting a mailed check and do not receive it after waiting sufficient time, please report the lost check to us as soon as possible at and ALWAYS within 90 days of the date you were expecting it. If you believe your check has been lost in the mail, it can be re-issued right away for a $30 stop-payment fee (usually deducted from the reissued check), or you may opt to wait for the check to become invalid (six months) and it will be reissued to you with no fee.

Finally, we would like to remind you that we have an electronic payment option available that avoids all possibility of checks being lost in the mail. This works very similar to the “direct deposit” you may have through your employer. "

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