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Has anyone had any problems getting their from this company. I did nine shops for them and got paid for one. Everything else is pending. They pay on the 7th and 22nd of the month. I emailed them several times and they always say they are behind.

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I am always paid on-time.
If your shop was completed by the 7th, then your check goes out on the 22nd.

Done by the 22nd, then your check is in the batch going out on the 7th.

They are pretty straight-forward.
I had 7 shops pending for 35 days. I finally emailed them they are now completed but they didnt send the payment out at the same time, they split up the payments.
I recently registered with Empsoline. However, I had problems with the Audio for the telephone. Is this worth trying again. I could never get any help by calling.
I have chosen not to work with these folks because shoppers I know well enough to know they are diligent, smart and not technologically challenged have had real issues with some of the shops and EPMs does not want to hear about it. As long as a shop goes without a hitch you are ok, but the folks who are shopped are so accustomed to being shopped they have devised evasive strategies. You are likely to spend a lot of time spinning your wheels.
kittybratt Wrote:
> I recently registered with Empsoline. However, I
> had problems with the Audio for the telephone. Is
> this worth trying again. I could never get any
> help by calling.

I've done 11 shops for them, all paid on time, with one $10 deduction for going on the wrong day (I knew it was) and one $10 added for making a second trip. The second trip was on the way to another shop, so no harm done.
I haven't had a problem with the audio for the phone. It came through ok.
I have been shopping quite a bit with them. infact had issues with shop and got 4 extensions. Then did phone shop on one day and on site 7 days later(there was a good reason). They are all fine with everything. I even got the number of shops I could self assign and backup to 4 each for a total of 8 self assign at anyone time. They are not bad in my opinion. Reports take no more then 20-30 minutes to be perfect too.
I've done about 15 shops for them and had no problems getting paid on time so far. I even had a small issue with one shop and called to ask about it. I received an immediate response. So far so good for me.
I have been working with this company for some time now and never had any problems at all.I got paid on time and even got alot of extensions on shops,but I will tell u this,it's better to email if you have a problem than call.Most of the schedulers work from home so email the support line u will get a faster response.
I did my first job for EMS this week. I was not able to reach a live person for help. I did not realize that when you go to visit the apartment complex, you have to use your real name, as a state picture ID was required. They, therefore, would not show, me the apartment, as I had give an alias name. I told them I left my ID at work, but they still would not show it.
For many years, every time I have gone to visit an apartment complex, either to rent for myself or on a shop, I have had to leave ID. This has been in CA, HI and MD. Because the representative has go out on the property alone with strangers, it is a safety precaution to deter crime (in addition as a way to make sure they have sales contact info for you so they can follow up.) However, as shoppers, it definitely exposes your identity and potentially puts you at risk of being contacted in the event the report is negative. I have not been contacted, personally, but I have read here and at other forums the tales of shoppers who have been. IMHO, you have to decide if this is an acceptable risk for you. I believe it is part of the reason that these often pay better than other types of shops, though I could be wrong.

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Providing my driver's license on any shop is unsettling. Apartment shops in NC and SC require it. Also car dealerships here have to make a copy if you drive a vehicle. I do several apartments each month as I enjoy them, and they pay well. I should say the pay is good, but more time is required, so per hour . . .?

I have noticed on these types of shops where I am known, some guidelines now allow the shopper to give either an email address or a phone number for follow-up purposes. This helps protect me from unwanted calls. I have different email addresses for different uses. Yes, there are reverse lookups online, and someone may go to that much trouble to telephone me, but that's a decision they will regret.
My faux email accounts have such very very sketchy info that even should a reverse lookup be effective it would yield garbage in terms of allowing someone to contact me.
If a client has my driver's license they have my address - that's where the reverse lookup can return my landline number. If they're really interested, they can also find property tax info, appraised value of real estate, number/make/model of vehicles, sketchy employment history, number and ages of children. Oh, yes.
Yes, that kind of info is a no brainer to look you up. One of those really good reasons to avoid providing a legitimate piece of identification, have an 'unlisted phone number' or memorize the phone number for your local Dial-a-Prayer.
I use a still valid but not current ID from another state for this. :-)

“Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling."
~Gilbert K. Chesterton
No one who pays taxes or has the same physical address for more than six months can hide. One piece of protection I have is that I kept my maiden name. Hubby has the primary identity.
I am protected in several ways. My significant other has the phone in his name. My name is so ordinary that there are a whole bunch of us in town and the tax records show even more of us. My address of record is a PO Box in another zip code than my residence.
It tells you in the instructions you have to show a DL. They keep it at their desks while they show you an apartment that is more for their safety. They pay fast but I hate the reports redundant is an understatement!!!!!
I have worked for EPMS for over 10 years now and I have just quit. I'm waiting to get my last paycheck on the 22nd but then I am done. This company does everything they can in order to short pay people. Many times I have had to fight tooth and nail to get what was due to me - most jobs I drove an hour to get to so there was no way I wasn't getting paid for those shops! Sometimes in life, you have to make adjustments to the script to make it believable since you are not supposed to let them know you are a shopper. There has to be some variables in this. (ie - saying you need the apartment on a slightly different date than what they said if it's a college property, etc). We are all humans and react differently to things so all shops are not always black and white. I won't go into details since I am still waiting to get paid this time - but I'm losing out on money this time too sad smiley
I'll post more details after I receive my last payment - but I need the money .. so for me to quit - you know it was bad.
dee -- For EPMS you have to give your real contact information because a portion of the report asks for follow-up. If you don't give your information, you can't complete the report and you have put the target at a disadvantage because they cannot get credit for completing required job requirements connected to a prospective tenant. That really isn't fair to the target because it can affect their job review which can affect their employment status and raises. I believe that is more unfair than taking up their time. I have had no problem with having anyone contacting me to the point of being harrassed.

I have had only one issue with EPMS which I stated in another thread and that involved a phone call and a very rude property manager. Other than that, I have been paid for every shop I've done for them with no problem or deductions. However, I don't think payment is based on shop date but on report completed and/or accepted date. Since we have to give the target five days to follow-up before submitting the report and then wait for the report to be approved, the actual date for payment may be a week or more after the shop date.
As for "real" contact info, that's what multiple email addies and Voicenation phone numbers are for. I never use the same one twice for the same apartment management company, to avoid getting spotted when those 2 are input to their data bases.

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