$3.75 Ath Phone Shops?

Please tell me none of you are doing these $3.75 phone shops. $3.75?? REALLY??? It's not even worth my time to pick up the phone for $3.75. If the shop takes just 10 minutes it's too long for $3.75. Has anyone done any of these for some input?

At least this is my opinion...

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Lets see . . . last week I did 6 bank phone shops at $8 ea; the week before that I did 5 at $12 ea; several weeks before that I did 10 at $7,50 ea as a special favor that got me some additional well paying jobs. No, not likely I will pick up the phone for a $3.75 job--especially not considering how badly constructed aTH's surveys tend to be.
To add insult to injury, the long distance charges are your burden to bear, not theirs. At least for the ones I saw.

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I haven't done them, yet. $3.75 for 10 minutes is over $20 an hour. No mileage, no expenses. Yes, I know I'm in the minority here.
The point is that you have no way of knowing up front how long they will take. One series of calls I was not to speak with the same representative twice. To a big call center that is not a big problem. With a small call center it can mean a heck of a lot of calls in order to reach enough different associates. With the series of calls which I did this past week my average wait time in the queue was about 7 minutes. That series of calls was long distance without a toll free number and I did them on my cell phone which has anywhere minutes and I never use all my minutes anyway. But it meant that the average call was around 15 minutes and the write up of the shop took another 10 minutes or so, so it came out to about 2 calls per hour at $8 each.

Other calls have required me to dial a toll free number, put in my code, put in a client code, put in a project code, put in the phone number to be dialed and then the call would start to ring--after 35 digits had been entered. Mess up 1 digit out of 35 and you start again from scratch. Get a busy signal, you start from scratch. Get a terrible connection, you start from scratch.

Every kind of job has its own exasperations.
That's what I'm talkin' 'bout Flash! In theory it "sounds" like $20 an hour. I also don't trust Ath, or their forms.
You know Market Force sometimes have phone shops for $1.75. So if you look at it that way, at least it's a bit better. Not much though.
I agree it is an insult. You know the scheduler is making much more than that. However, I did do one one time for $5.00, just to see how it was and I received a bonus that I had not expected. So that was welcomed.
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