Emailed CORI for an extension due to wheather...what else should I do???

I had an assignment with CORI this evening. I prepared and got ready. As soon as I stepped out and got into my car, it struck lightning and it then started pouring. I came back inside and sent an email to the schedulers, explaining and asking for an extension until tomorrow. I also left a message via the Contact Us page. What else should I do? This has happened to me again with CORI, but it was a weekday, and they replied to me the next day. But, I'm nervous because today is Friday, and they'll be closed all weekend. If anyone has any suggestions, please do offer...I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance!!

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Some of their shops have a change shop date feature in your shop log. If not, you have done all you can right now...

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Just curious, not judging: Is there a reason that you couldn't do the shop in the rain even if it was lightening?
Well, there's a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and Tornado watch in effect for Toronto and Montreal. I was nervous that if I went out as it started, it would get worse as time lapsed and I would get caught up in it and either a). not be able to complete the shop, or b). harm myself or someone else. Indeed, as I type this, the storm has continued to grow and the supper time newscast says to stay inside.
My family lives around you and they are nervous with this tornado warning. I would be too if I were you. See if you can change the date and if not, well? You've done all you can do. Good luck.
you should be able to change the date on your own if you didnt change it already.
Also their live chat works in the morning.
If its a shop scheduled for today and you can do it tomorrow, and there
is no date restriction on the shop, just do it tomorrow and just make sure
you choose the date you did it.

They will update the scheduled date on it when they edit it

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Thank you. Unfortunately, there is no change date feature for this assignment. I will wait until tomorrow and get on their chat service. They were very accomodating last time I had to reschedule a shop due to weather, and the weather should lighten up tomorrow.
I am glad that you are safe. You did all that you could by sending an email and trying to contact them. I just hope that you explained the severity of the storm including a Tornado Watch so that they understand that you would be putting yourself in danger by going out. be safe and good luck.
Thank you for all the replies. I woke up this morning to get in touch with them via their chat service. CORI says Chat is Online, but when I click on it to begin chatting, I am only able to click on 'Leave a message.' The 'Request Chat' is unavailable. I really don't know what to do. I also received a late notice from them that they want my report by noon today, but I haven't had a reply or chance to talk to them, and the location doesn't open until 11 am. I hope it all works out.
Was it a watch or warning? Watches are no reason to stay in...warnings are. Of course I'm in Illinois, where severe weather is the norm and it would take a tornado warning to keep me from the assignment. Last time I had to contact them to change a shop, they really questioned me. It was not weather related, however. This one also did not have a change date button.
I may not stay in, but I do stay close to home during watches. We have a good set of meteorological geeks on one of our local stations and they help me decide if it is serious enough. To me it is like snow in the winter, no shopper should go out in weather that is outside their comfort zone.

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I remember a hellacious storm crashing around me, lightening, severe downpour and dire warnings to stay inside.

I was getting ready to leave for a 30 mile-away shop and decided I was not going to risk my life, so I called the company and told them it was too dangerous.

My scheduler was fine with that and asked if I could reschedule? I said "Of Course!" Great result there!smiling smiley
All is good. It was a Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Warning. A woman was killed by a branch that broke off a tree, so I am very glad I didn't go out. Not only was the sky dark in the afternoon, but it was completely black. Thanks for the feedback fellow shoppers.
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