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My statement shows that I was paid for a job on July 14th. However, the money is not in my Paypal account. Anyone know how About Face does their invoicing / payments?


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The money may have been "released" on the 14th but it may take time to hit your PP account. I would call if it's not in there by end of week.
Hi Jeannieb03,

Our pay statements are released each Sunday showing the shops that our QC department approved for payment during the week prior. They do not mean you have actually been paid. Our payment cycle still applies, and you should refer to your shop directions for the payment information for you shop. Some clients pay differently, but it will always state the payment terms in the shop directions. For specific questions, and if it has been more than 45 days from the date of your shop submission, you can email payables@aboutfacecorp.com. Thanks!

Heather Stokes
AboutFace Consulting Corp.
Director of Finance
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