Corporate Research International's payment policy

Does anyone knows why Corporate Research International does not provide payment information for shops that involves training? Maybe I am missing something here but it seems foolish to watch a video presentation for almost twenty five minutes not knowing if the payment will justify taking the assignment.

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That is just CoRI's way of doing things. And yes, it is absurd. Maybe they get some jollies out of telling the client, "We have X number of shoppers trained and qualified for the work." It is pretty exasperating to finish training only to discover the fee is so cheap it would take a bucket of bonuses to make them worthwhile.
This is, as Flash said, how they do stuff. And, yes, expect to see low pay if it is not bonused for them. Annoying.

BFW, in the future, you should post things like this in the company discussion section. Many of us will not quickly see things like this if they are posted in a section for member intro's.

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That is a very good question and I am glad you asked it. They are not known for paying alot any way so it is nice to know that the training you have to endure does not equal the pay.
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