Second To None Account Termination

I just received an email from Second To None saying my account has been terminated because I was recognized as a mystery shopper. HAS ANYONE EXPERIENCED THIS WITH SECOND TO NONE OR ANY OTHER MYSTERY SHOP COMPANY????? If so, how does this effect my reputation and what other consequences could it have?????

Please Advice :-(

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I have never had this happen with Second to None. I was recognized at an Arby's (by the report, I am sure, since it was clear who to look for on the video by what had happened at the visit.) I was no longer allowed to shop Arby's. No loss. The food was like leather, literally, so I did not want to return to that particular location, anyway.

It is kind of odd that they did not contact you to get your side.

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Yes, most companies try to work with shoppers on something like that. I assume you didn't take your paperwork in on the shop, sit there staring and taking notes,etc. If you like working with STN I would encourage you to try to have a conversation with them about why the client thought they identified the shopper. I would also ask STN to have the client give a description of the shopper just to see if they actually spotted YOU or just spotted someone they THOUGHT was the shopper. I don't know that it will be easy to find anyone to talk with there. I gave up on STN after a fruitless effort of many many ignored emails regarding an issue until I finally went a rather unorthodox route to get their attention.
Thank you both for your input. And NO I'm not interested in salvaging my relationship with STN. I guess my feelings were just hurt. I had already said I wasn't going to do anymore shops with them because of cheap pay and long detailed reports. I was only going to give them one more shot because they had several opportunities in my area. But that' ok. I'll find work. And no Flash, I didn't go in with my paperwork and take notes, LOL!! :-)

Thank again,
It would seem they could have gone a different route, much less drastic - not assign you that location in the future. IF you were identified, your anonymity was only blown at that location. Terminating your account?!

I wouldn't worry about fallout with other MSPs. But, even if I chose not to shop with STN again, I would want to get the facts.
I would reconsider that, even if you don't want to shop for them ever again. I was "identified" at a grocery store once. The company president emailed me and told me I had been identified, then told me that I had been seen, "going through the store with my son, and he took notes." I said that was impossible, as my son is ten, and I would not trust him with that, that I did not take notes in stores, and that my son was not with me. I asked that the MSC have the company review it's video and give a description of me. Yes, in the end, I was vindicated. It had been a different day of the week! But sure enough, *someone* had actually been dumb enough to do what I had been accused of....But it wasn't me, and I still get to shop that store. I forgot about that until Flash's response.

“Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling."
~Gilbert K. Chesterton
Yes, another shopper with another company, was challenged that she had not done something at the cash register and therefore was barred from the client. Client had checked the tapes of the register at the checkout time and the description did not match our fearless shopper at all. Turned out that the client's register time and camera times were out of sync. When they adjusted the time for the error, the fearless shopper was shown to be doing exactly what she said she did and was reinstated. There are many slips possible and not ALL of them are on the shopper side of the equation, though certainly the manure automatically gets dumped on the shopper.
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