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Just logged into my bank account and don't see the usual CORI payment. I received the email earlier in the week saying it had been processed. Any one else see this?

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Mine sometimes don't show up until Monday for some reason.

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bgriffin Wrote:
> Mine sometimes don't show up until Monday for some
> reason.

Rut Roh! Monday is a holiday...
hopefully they didnt run out of money

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none here either, must have been a glitch-they are having tons of those lately.....I won't get too excited unless it's not there next friday....
Same here. I always get the alert from my bank account around 3 a.m. that my CORI payment has posted. Not today. On the website it states my direct deposit has been completed. Their phone number I have, 419-422-3196, is no longer a working number.
I don't have my money either :-( It's been very difficult communicating with them lately. I emailed them days ago about scheduling a shop and still haven't heard back.

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Last week, my payment showed up on Thursday. This week it is missing.

I am doing two shops for them tomorrow. I think I have too much of a history with this company to "break up" with them.
just checked...still nothing here...strange that some people have gotten it but most haven't
The last time this happened I called and they told me that it would probaly be Monday before it arrived. That time, I got it late on Friday. This time, it's still not here. I didn't call this time as it is not a big check. I have also noted with them now that they are only in the indianapolis office, that my shops are not getting edited as quickly, I am not getting emails with ratings anymore, and if there is an exception with the shop, it is not finalized for fact, i have some I'm waiting to hear about for over a month, and they disappear off the list of shops on the main page at the bottom. I've also not been paid on a few shops that were finalized. This weekend I'll have the time to go through all of the shops since the snafu at the end of July and see how many I am still owed for. I really wish they had kept the other office...or at least kept a few people on in a telecommuting position to help them as the transition has really stunk, and they are still not up to par yet.
Mine's not there either. CORI is one of my favorite companies. But ever since they moved their office, they seem to be having problems. It has taken almost 3 weeks for my reports to be "graded". I received notice last evening from a scheduler that I had submitted the wrong receipt and needed to submit it by noon today or the shop would be cancelled. Well it was already cancelled.
I'm also waiting for payment. Has anyone else noticed they are no longer sending the e-mail noting that a shop has been accepted and graded?
yes, I have noticed it. and they don't really notify you if the shop has problems. at least they don't for a long time. I have waited and waited for a shop to get approval, only to finally call them and have them tell me that it's on error. I don't know why they aren't emailing us when our shops are on error.
For my last shop, I didn't receive an email, so I went to them this morning and saw my report was that means = $ smiling smiley
I have emailed the person in charge of reports with errors and when they took over the company she was really good about helping make sure reports were fixed. I have 6 from last month and emailed her and she said she would get to them when she could and that I needed to wait because there were other reports that were older than mine that were on error!!!

My reports are dated back to September 7!!! There are reports that are older????
Ohio gang never let it get that backed up!!
Also what happens if I cant correct an error and it needs to be there is a Sept shop that will be done end of Oct.

At least there are only 6!!
Txnana: This is why you occasionally see random September/August shops
pop back up for reshops since they are probably just getting to them, and
when they do there is no way they can submit a 6 week old report to the

Right now with cori...I mean expert need to triple and
quadrple check your report before submitting it because if it goes on
error it will be weeks(and even months) before it gets corrected and
you get paid.

They rarely send out the report is on error email anymore when it does
go on error. If you email and ask they will tell you it is on error but if it
is still sitting there after 72 hours, then you know it went on error....

They also stopped sending out the feedback/approval email this week.

Something I bet few have noticed because it almost always is only a dollar
or two is increasingly the reimbursement amount is zeroed out by mistake
so your shop is approved but the reimbursement is incorrect. I've mentioned
to a few other shoppers separately and when they went back and looked they
all had the issue with several of their check just click on history
when you are loggen in and look to see if the amount is listed as 0.00 in the
reimbursement column...

Hopefully all these transition issues get worked out....but overall I see it working
to the shoppers advantage as many shops are going for higher amounts and
all the reshops go for high amounts....

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There are no stupid questions, but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots
When you try to please everybody, you end up pleasing nobody
My last 2 shops that I completed on 10/1 was graded and I received an email on 10/3. I also received my latest payment on 10/11. I don't seem to be having the problems other shoppers are having.
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