has anyone been able to submit a cori report lately?

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Or the IE converter thing in Chrome. Not sure what it's official name is, but someone here recommended it, I got it, and it works really well!

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I submitted a shop to CORI last night without any problems.

I'm happy I've never experienced issues using Chrome.
I have trouble once in a while with Safari, but if you press "okay" for all of the times the javascript errors pop up it will go through. Typing narrative into a word pad and pasting it into the form can cut back on the errors.
Used Chrome to submit a shop tonight, no problems. I did have to check the box for it to not warn me about Java errors.

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Jonk, I do that too (checking off the box). If I don't, the errors pop up so much I can't do anything on the report. When I check it off, no more problems smiling smiley
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