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I shopped <a major chain> Jewelry store the other day. Warning: Take photos of every advertising poster, banner etc... Don't miss one single detail including the fine print. Record the conversation with the sales person. They want to know about what is on sale, in detail. Exactly how many cases are on sale, and look for the word "CLEARANCE"... as there are different kinds of "sales". I only heard and saw red and white tag sales. Not clearly marked IN the cases other than color coded tags. i.e., No signs. I did not see nor hear "clearance" but that word was not in my instructions, so I did not know to look or listen for that word. I had to return to the mall a 2nd time just to get the fine print on one of the advertising banners. The lousy $20 took me all of 8 hours. It's kind of too bad we can't see the report we are to fill out after the shop, BEFORE THE SHOP so we have better instructions than they provide BEFORE the shop. The "Instructions" always leave stuff out. Anyway, don't forget to grab a cagalogue. Pay attention to what % of the store and # of cases were on sale and what kind of sale. Pay attention to how many computers are visible behind or on the cases and how many people were using them and what for, if you can tell what they are using them for. If there is a "Kiosk" (there weren't any electronics @ my shop other than 2 computers and no telling what they were using them for).

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In all of the shops I've done for Second to None, the questionnaire has *always* been available to not only view, but print out. I always print it and take it with me on the shop... leaving it in the car, of course. But I can give it a quick review before going in, and then at least jot down the stuff I know I'll have trouble remembering as soon as I get back to the car.

I remember doing one of these shops early in my MS'ing career. It is a PITA, with having to remember each and every poster and it's wording. I actually sat on a bench in the mall just behind some potted trees where I could see them and quickly write down what they said. It was really annoying, alright. And the level and amount of detail was pretty high.

Annoying enough, I never did another one! And it's two years later. smiling smiley

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