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Hey everyone,

I've done these same gas station shops with Stericycle/CRI for several years now. Within the last two days, I've had two placed on error because I answered "no" in regards to current POP signs being in place. The reason is that the POP signs posted were not current.

The directions to the shop clearly state that in such cases, a photo should be uploaded showing an expired sign. However, the shop was put on hold because I didn't take a photo of a light pole.

According to the directions, a light pole sign is needed only when there is no POP whatsoever at the location.

I can't get the editor to respond to my email, nor was I successful in getting a chatter to respond.

Anyone else have a similar issue with these shops?


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It seems they have some new editors who are
grading shops inconsistently. Hopefully they get
up to speed on what is acceptable. I had one tell
me it wasn't clear what I bought on the receipt.
Meanwhile I bought the same thing at several
shops and they were all ok'd without issue.

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It is interesting how sometimes editors will accept shops consistently, and then flag something that you've submitted numerous times before without issue.

All is resolved, but it took a lot of back-and-forth emailing and attempting to connect with a chatter. When I finally got through to a chatter, I went through the scenario. And then she offered a canned response, "We request all job requirements be submitted."

I finally asked for a phone number and called the company. When I called, by that point the editor had agreed to accept the shops.
Speaking of this topic, I have been wanting to see if what happened to me had happened to anyone else in regards to errors on these reports. I have been completing these shops for 2 years and if I found drug paraphernalia or adult material I would simply put it on the form, never before have I been asked for a picture. Well probably a month back a location I shopped had some pipes by the register and of course two days letter I get the "error" email. I told her that one particular location I have been doing for 2 years has always had pipes by the register and that I have never been asked for a picture. I also brought it to her attention that the guidelines say to take photos of any negative conditions. I told her to many this may not be a negative condition especially in MI where I did the shop because medical marijuana is legal in that state. I also pointed out that on the checklist it says "Photos to document any negative conditions you encounter in the restroom or location exterior." Well the pipes were in neither of these locations lol. Well of course I received no response and did not get paid for the shop and I was really upset because this was the end of the month and the commission was around $40, well lesson learned. Also another one that really made me mad was I arrived at a location at 9:50pm and the location was closed and so I did all of my pictures required for a closed location. Well I usually take many extras and I had one that I included, which was not a required one, that was timed for 10:01pm and this shop also was not paid. I remember before they changed everything, even though the home improvement shops did have the 8a-8p in the guidelines, you could shop all the way up until 10pm and get paid. I really like the new staff and many of them have helped me out a lot of times but when everything seems inconsistent it makes it hard to not get unassigned some here and there and for me it is always the $40-50 shops.
Mizzessummer-that drug paraphernalia one would have really ticked me off! I've done at least three locations that have pipes near the register many times and have never produced a photo. I have been paid each time. In the locations I am referring to, if I were to take a picture, I would probably have the cashier in the picture! I mean like they wouldn't notice and it wouldn't completely give us away. What a crock! I hate inconsistency....
The drug paraphernalia photo would be required depending on the client. Some require the photo and some do not because of the "mystery", of the mystery shop. Most revealed shops require a photo of anything amiss, including crack pipes at the register.
mizzessummer - That's one I would have stood my ground on, just like I did for my recent issue. I've found that you have to make contact multiple times, if necessary, and continue to argue your point.

This is why I wish they would return to the mystery shop/reveal type of format for these shops. It's difficult to try and maintain cover while taking multiple photos. And they would get a lot more information by doing an open evaluation at the end of the mystery shop portion, allowing you to get photos like you mentioned.

I'm surprised they didn't pay for your other shops that had a photo dated 10:01. I once was racing to get to a fast food shop for this same company. The job description stated that I had to shop the location from 6:00-9:00. I got there at 8:55, and the line was a mile long. I reached the register around 9:04. Thankfully, they still accepted the shop, even though my receipt said 9:05.
I've had trouble with the chatter working and getting timed out. I tried the email as well.
I am having a problem with Stericycle/CRI. I did an emergency out of town job for them... I had the job done within 4 hours of it being assigned.... I stayed up til 1:30AM entering the report to be in the 12 hour window. Submitted it and all looked well. The next night, which was Friday, at 11:30 PM, I read an email form them that said if I did not submit my report by 12 PM (midnight) that day, I could loose the job. It took about 1 1/2 hours to do it the first time. I have sent 4 emails now to different addresses and called... company closed for the weekend. Then I get an unassigned notice...........
I am very mad..... Has anyone had a similar experience with them?

Love this forum

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WOW! Now I'm mad, too. Didn't you just cut and paste this post into two other places before starting a new thread to paste it into? It is unnecessary to cut and paste the same post into multiple places and THEN start a new thread and paste it in. I understood you were mad the first time I read it.

Mod note: In case anyone is wondering, the threads have been merged & duplicate post removed. smiling smiley
Some want instant gratification it seems.

You will get an answer but not everyone's here all the time. We work you know.
Excuse me. I did not know. I have not posted before and was not sure where to post something of this nature. By the way, I did just hear from a scheduler who apologized and told me I could redo the report.

Guess that will have to do.

Hope you have a good day.
No, I never had that happen. Those late notices are automatic and go out around midnight if they don't have the report by midnight. I'm remembering that the window is actually 12 hours or midnight, whichever comes first, but I could be wrong. It's not unusual you got a notice if you reported at 1:30 a.m. but it's unusual for the report to be lost and for you to be unassigned. Do you know how to go into your history and see if they show the report received there? My best guess is they never got the report but I don't know what happened. I'd keep making contact and even though the job may be reassigned maybe you can repair the other damage done. You posted in another thread about this being the company that doesn't tell you the client until you take the job. That does not sound like Steri/CRI at all. I'm really confused about who you shopped for because Steri/CRI always makes it clear in the posting who the client is.

Mary Davis Nowell. Based close to Fort Worth. Shopping Interstate 20 east and west, Interstate 35 north and south.
Ok, then, glad you got it worked out. Hello and welcome to the forum.

Mary Davis Nowell. Based close to Fort Worth. Shopping Interstate 20 east and west, Interstate 35 north and south.
hwacheon -
When you complete your report this time, on the final screen after you submit, there is an option to view your report (you can only view, not edit). Be sure to view it this time, and then copy and paste it into a document or print it to a pdf file. Better still, prepare any narrative in your word processor and paste it into the report, saving the word processor file as well as the actual report file from that final post-submit screen. You'll most easily be able to copy and paste from the word processor file, but you can use the post-submit file to prove that you submitted it. 1 1/2 hours is a long time to spend on a Cori report, so ensuring you can replace it easily this time would be critical, especially if they're having problems with a particular client's reports.

I haven't read the other threads you posted the same concern on (sounds like the one thread at a time protocol was new to you), so someone may have given you better suggestions already.
It seems like they're panicking about the possibility of losing another client, so they've decided to impose conditions without communicating them to their evaluators. (They haven't updated the Expert FieldForce University in a while: the iOS apps they recommend for date and time stamping photos, in their most recent iterations, don't timestamp. That was pleasant to find out after I'd already coughed up $2.08 for the app.)
For one of their remaining gas clients, I got an e-mail claiming I didn't take a picture of the dirty light (a light which I never said was dirty, merely turned off when I visited the restroom). Well, it was an exposed bulb, so they could either have a whited-out image that pointed directly at an exposed bulb, or pitch darkness with the light out.

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Yes, I got one returned and there were no light poles. I probably misunderstood because I answered "no" to question 27 because the signs were all missing from the pump toppers. I have written to personnel but have not heard anything yet. They have always been very understanding so I expect no less on this. It is funny as I had two shops and both had the same problem and the other one has already been cleared.
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