Input Please?? (On Sinclair)

Does anyone have any long time experience with Sinclair??? Please keep in mind as I write this I have only been signed and worked jobs for them for a quick minute... So here is my problem/issue/question.

I did two (2) jobs for them while on vacation the 11th (yes, this month, this is not going to be a non payment complaint) and all was good, smooth, submitted on time, ect.

I was going through who did and did not pay in my records, keeping up to date on things and I look over to Sinclair and find that those shops are not in my "history" tab anymore. They were there and now they are gone.

I called, and got transferred to the proper person (who is listed on my paper work as the contact so that's a plus) and get voice mail... no problem, people get busy.

Now I have heard that they can be slow getting back to you but I am having a problem sitting still here.

Last month I had jobs scheduled with them, confirmed... they disappeared off my board, I emailed and then they appeared again (I did not receive an email or phone call, they just appeared.)

I have never had a problem with payment and have done several jobs for them over a few months....

Can anyone maybe give me some insight... were the shops rejected?? Are they having problems with the website??

Any input would be great... thanks in advance.

O.o o.O

Happily shopping New England and beyond!!!!!

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Good luck with Sinclair. I did shops with them in the past only to have them decide the entire report wasn't sufficiently usable to pay me---interesting coincidence that just the 2 well-bonused shops weren't good enough to pay me. Others at the normal fee were apparently ok. I dropped them years ago.

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Thanks for the input Cettie... Thankfully the shops were small paying ones and ones that I like doing so it won't be a great loss... I would be sad tho... I kinda like doing those shops.

Another question for you... when your shops were rejected did they notify you or did you have the same experience that I am having now??

Thanks again.

O.o o.O

Happily shopping New England and beyond!!!!!
I have only done one shop for them, but it was super simple and they paid me in a timely manner. I would be concerned if I had shops just disappear. Hopefully you printed out some type of CPI form.
OH I DID... I have the confirmation numbers as well, I learned that from this forum!!

O.o o.O

Happily shopping New England and beyond!!!!!
Did you check your email and Sinclair's web site to see if they had questions on your shops? I'd be surprised if they rejected your report without asking you for clarification.
Kathee70 Wrote:
> Thanks for the input Cettie... Thankfully the
> shops were small paying ones and ones that I like
> doing so it won't be a great loss... I would be
> sad tho... I kinda like doing those shops.
> Another question for you... when your shops were
> rejected did they notify you or did you have the
> same experience that I am having now??
> Thanks again.

I got a terse one line rejection email saying something like "the report did not meet our guidelines and we could not use the report" I then went to the site and saw it removed from my list. They were two $55 shops they claimed were on a tight deadline. Mule fritters!

Her Serene Majesty, Cettie - Goat Queen of Zoltar, Sublime Empress of Her Caprine Domain
I am having the same issue with Sinclair. November was my first month shopping for them. All went well and I was paid (although I didn't receive my check until 3 weeks after they posted that it had been mailed). In December, I took on a great amount of shops for them and they have all disappeared from my history as well. The only thing I can find are the shops I performed in November that I have been paid for. I am wondering (and hoping) that they are just having issues with their website as there have been a few recent times that I had trouble loading the page when logging in.
Oh boy... I still haven't gotten a call back from them, I'll try again tomorrow and keep up to date.

O.o o.O

Happily shopping New England and beyond!!!!!
I'm sorry to hear that. I have had very good experiences with them...

I hope everything works out well.
You need to call them. I was paid for my November shops the first week of January. December shops are supposed to be paid by the last week of January.
I haven't had an issue getting paid by Sinclair... yet. Then again I have only done their pizza photo shops.
I have not had an issue with them until recently. I self assigned a pretzel shop and it competely disappeared from my board. I emailed them and it took over a week for them to respond. I did not complete the job because 1) it was gone and 2) because I was unsure of the photo requirement.

After one week, I did receive an email that there was a "glitch" and "so sorry" that it happened. I suppose another shopper took the job as it was not placed back on my current jobs.

Im not going to sweat it, though. I only picked up the job in the first place because I was headed to the mall. Im glad I double checked the portal before I left for the mall!
I have yet to hear back from them. The Florida shops are still not on my board but I have no pay history showing either (which is not correct) I have place a few calls and am about to call again, maybe it is a computer glitch of some kind as I did have the problem last month with the shops disappearing from the board and then reappearing again.

I am not doing any shops for them until this gets straightened out as I have other shops I am awaiting payment for.

Please note, the payments are not due yet and this post, on my part, has nothing to do with a payment issue at the present time. Any confusion please refer to the starting post on this thread.

O.o o.O

Happily shopping New England and beyond!!!!!
Come to think of it I did have an issue with a check in my history disappearing out of my pay history (after it had been received and cleared). This may be a similar issue. The accounting guy over there was friendly and explained the problem as an IT-related issue and that my check would reappear within a few days. Maybe the accounting guy (sorry, I forgot his name) is who you need to talk to.
That's interesting Gigishopper because there were a lot of pretzel shops nearby me and e next day there were none...and they don't usually disappear that quick.

I was hoping to grab one because I too was headed to the mall.
Those pretzel shops disappear VERY quickly around here. Like within hours, every time!

Sometimes I'm one of the lucky ones, sometimes not. smiling smiley

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
I sure am gonna miss the pretzel shops. I usually get at least one because it's on the turnpike and there is a toll charge but I'm on the pike anyway so I love it.

I still have yet to hear anything about the disappearing Tampa shops and can't get anyone to call me back about it.

*sigh* I am sad about this... sad smiley

O.o o.O

Happily shopping New England and beyond!!!!!
I posted a comment of the "Imput Please (on Sinclair)" thread that you may want to read. IMHO, payment relies on IT. So if IT has multiple glitches, payment issues will follow. More details are on the other thread.

I hope it works out for you.
I got a call the other day from Sinclair that the particular client I had shopped for had asked that the job (and many more for the same client) be reshopped due to the weather we have had in the south this past week. The woman I spoke to said not to panic, that the job would disappear from sight on the website, but I would still be paid. Perhaps this is the same scenario.

This was a computer glitch.... Sean Barna has fixed the problem and I will be paid for those "disappearing" shops on time.

Additionally the link I found for Sean was in the "mass emails" sent to everyone in the appropriate account.

Can I get a WOOP WOOP!!!

O.o o.O

Happily shopping New England and beyond!!!!!
They come begging me to do the pizza shop every month. I take it when it's bonused and I'll be in the area. No problem with payment. Okay.

My problem is with one scheduler who will NEVER answer my e-mails about a new location in my area. I wrote to him even before the location opened but he would not respond. I asked another scheduler and she asked him for me. He had already scheduled it. I did another location a couple of times before, but it was too far to drive. Now there's one in my backyard. I'm SO frustrated! Do I have a black mark for some unknown reason or does he have that many favorites?

Does anyone know when they post their shops?

I'm "Sandi" in the Middle!
So they came begging again. I mention the shop that I really want and that I can't get the scheduler to respond to me. I get transferred to the scheduler and he gave me the shop! I just might do the pizza one now!

I'm "Sandi" in the Middle!
I did my first shop for them which required a pre-call, a visit, a purchase and a lengthy questionnaire. I submitted everything in the required time frame but made a mistake on one sales person's name. I had provided a physical description though and quickly corrected the mistake. Nonetheless, they now refuse to pay me for this one, easily corrected, error. Not doing anymore for them.
Follow up:
I was having a problem with a payment that was delayed. The shop to payment time was over 5 months because two people kept making empty promises of payment. Some Sinclair staff are mentioned in other posts. But for me the accounting department staff did nothing but waste my time. They were friendly but not helpful enough to get the job done!

An e-mail to Sean Barna about the problem got it resolved. His response time is fantastic!

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Sinclair was one of the first MSC I worked with; it was for an upscale cooking store. Did the shop without a glitch, but when I returned the item, I could not get the initial receipt back. This surprised me because in the past when I returned an item I always got the original receipt back along with the return receipt. Why Sinclair did not warn those shoppers that did a shop with this store is beyond me. The lesson I have learned from this experience is to always take a picture or scan the receipt before you return the item.

I did the entire report, they sent it back to me stating that it didn't include the receipt-although I had explained why in the initial report and in emails I had sent my scheduler. I gave them some more information about the associate who did not give me the return receipt yada yada yada...

I also must mention that Sinclair never answered any of my emails.

I have only been mystery shopping for 7 weeks but I have had much better luck with Intelli-shop, Service Excellence, and Best Mark.

Goodbye Sinclair, your pay is craptastic, your reports are too demanding, and your schedulers don't answer emails.
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