Goodwin payment issue?

Has anyone had any issues with Goodwin not paying bonueses? I got paid my reimbursement but they didn't pay me the bonus. I emailed the address that they said to, but that was a week ago.

Has anyone experienced anything like this and if so, were you able to get it resolved?

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I had this issue once with Goodwin. The bonus was in the shop report, and I had the emails saved. I emailed the payments address at Goodwin. They doublechecked and verified that I should have had a bonus, and it was processed in the next round of payments.
This has been discussed several times but they often need a reminder. Their excuse server issues. Sure every month? They will pay when they get around to it after a reminder.
Ok thanks! I just didn't know if I should keep nagging them. At least an acknowledgement that they are looking into it or something would be nice!
For some time now, Goodwin has been paying me on time, with no reminders.

I haven't done any jobs with bonuses lately (for them), and I think I only ever did one job with a bonus for them. As I recall, it came with the regular pay.

But they are responsive to emails about such things, back when you had to 'remind' them to pay every single time. I think it was Ann who you emailed about that?

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