Payment Schedule for Confero Compass

Does anyone know how Confero Compass pays? I did shops for them in December 2013 and I haven't heard that payment was approved yet.

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It's the 25th and the 10th. If you're talking about the FF reveals, I got paid for my first three the other day. I expect to be paid for the last two on Feb 10. I think the cutoff is around the 15th of the month. Those shops done before December 15 were paid in January and those after the 15th paid in February. I could be off by a day or two on the cutoff.
Confero offers payment through Paypal and Direct Deposit.

If your payment has not been received, please make sure you have your correct Paypal email registered with Confero, or that you have your Direct Deposit has been entered and saved in your profile and that your social security number has been verified. If you need to have Confero research the payment after the payment should have been made, please contact

Here are the guidelines for Confero payments.

I had a similar issue, and was told via emai that it can take this MSC up to 60 days to pay for shops. Actually took them 90 days, and several emails and a phone call to the company president to resolve the issue. And there were no problems with my shops -- just the Accounts Payable on their end. Interesting to know my issue is not uncommon here. But I'll give them another chance.
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