stericycle gas shops

on my board, the blue and yellow gas shops are all showing as taken with only backup available. has anyone else noticed this? i'm sure not every single february shop has been filled...wonder why it is showing like that?

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YES! I thought some one just took them all because I only looked in a 30 miles radius. Glad you said this, because I was hoping for some extra money on my route on Wednesday and Thursday. Maybe $$, maybe not.
ok, good to hear. I actually got a little worried after you posted, janalou. I still think that I might call tomorrow and ask what's up with them.
I just looked again, too. Within a 100 mile radius, I do have some shops open and available...4. 4 shops within 100 miles. The rest all have the B. It just doesn't make sense to me. I'm definitely calling tomorrow to check on this.
All mine at $10 are 'B' within 100 miles. 4 are not 'B' are less than $10. Hmmm.

Hmmmm. After further investigation. New York (Brooklyn, Bronx, Massapequa etc) Philly, PA all $4.00 shops are in B, but the ones that have change... ex.$7.11 are available.

I wonder if $.00 triggered a B. How much are all of your B shops?

Edited because I keep looking up more zip codes. Lol.

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they gave at routes on many of them this month...which is why
you see flat rates on the B ones...

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