Anyone heard of Imyst?

I got an invitation to apply. Has anyone worked for them?

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I have not. I signed up, only have 1 shop in my area and it's not one I'm interested in doing. I rarely if ever check their board.

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I've had the same experience. I've been signed up with them since 2008 and have never performed an assignment for them. I get e-mails sometimes, usually about jobs other places. They've had one job here that I have no interest in performing. I never bother to check their job board these days.
Yes, also. They pay timely, quirky software.

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Yes. They do not have a lot of shops in my area, but I picked up a few good ones last year. They paid in a reasonable amount of time, and the report was not difficult.
Good Luck! smiling smiley
The only ones I've seen in my area were for hardwood flooring quotes, paying $15. The pay wasn't worth it for me, so I've never done any assignments for them.
I signed years ago, but they never have jobs in my area. I recently got an email from them, but not interested in their jobs.

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iamloved1 Wrote:
> I got an invitation to apply. Has anyone worked
> for them?

I have done different types of shops for them. Flooring, bathroom remodeling and housing. Straightforward guidelines and reports. Super fast payment. I have no hesitancy in recommending them.
I did some before where I had to go to a fast food restaurant and do an audit of their food prices---don't pay much!
I did some movie theater shops for them a couple of years a go but nothing recently. I had no problem with the reports or getting paid.
I have been signed up with Imyst for several years and the only shops I've ever done for them was with a carpet company, which I had to stop because they kept my info in their system.

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I'm so happy iamloved brought this up! I was recruited and signed up, but was not sure about them. Now, if they'd only have something in my area.....

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I did one in-home flooring shop for them. Paid quickly, report not tough. But they have few shops in my area.

No fee, no shop.
I've done several telephone shops for them. They do pay quite quickly via PayPal.

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I've been signed up for 2 years and the only shop they have offered is the same in home flooring shop. Considering I'm not a home owner and have no authority to change the flooring in the places I've lived, I cannot do the shop. I'm surprised to hear they even offer other types of shops considering I've never seen one.
I think (not positive) the offer a trash removal shop, too.


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stilllearning Wrote:
> I think (not positive) the offer a trash removal
> shop, too.
> (heart)

That trash removal better not be one of MY accounts!!!
This post is not appropriate for the imyst forum.

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I'm sorry. I couldn't make it past the fact that you drove 300 miles to do what seems to be a $21 shop. Gas cost you significantly more than the tolls did. I think they're the least of your problems.

Edited because apparently I don't know the difference in addition and subtraction.

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At the moment only demons come to mind

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This post is not appropriate for imyst

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My post isn't relevant anymore. winking smiley

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I signed there is one job available.

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I'm signed up for them but they haven't had any shops in my area.

Brazenbear sounds like a spammer to me...
I recently did one shop for them- the only one I have seen in my area for two or three years. I have received payment and never heard a peep from them, either before or after my shop.

Unfortunately most companies will not pay tolls unless you get it approved before the shop. One of the responsibilities we have before completing a shop is to figure out what are costs will be. At that point, communicate with the scheduler and state I can't shop for less than $XX dollars. They may agree or the may not, but you have a much better chance of getting expenses covered before rather than after the fact.

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Never assume that a company is going to pay anything unless they specifically agree to pay it. A good rule is to GET ANY PAYMENT/REIMBURSEMENT AGREEMENT IN WRITING.
Rims, Brazenbear is not a spammer. Why would you even think that? Are you one of those spammers?

Do you think people are following you?

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Thank you for your advice. I removed all from imyst and reposted in the appropriate place

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