WTH Confero???

I have done multiple shops for Confero and liked working for them. However...they requested parking receipts and I thought I was getting reimbursed for parking. My first payment comes and no reimbursement. I email the scheduler through the platform. No response. A week later, I email the payment dept for Confero directly. Still no response. WTH??? They were very responsive when I needed to reschedule due to weather so this seems strange to me.

Anyone know if parking is normally reimbursed by Confero when they ask for the receipts?

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It has been my experience that Confero reimburses for parking if the amount of the parking plus the meal does not exceed the maximum amount of reimbursement unless they specifically say they will not pay for parking. For example, if payment is $10 and the reimbursement for a restaurant shop that requires a bar visit before or after the meal is $160, you will be paid $10 plus $160 OR a lower amount if you have receipts showing you spent less than $160. If your bar totals $12, dining costs total $115, and parking is $10, you receive your $10 fee plus a $137 reimbursement. If the bar totals $25, the dining charges total $135, and parking totals $10, the $160 has already been spent and you are not reimbursed for parking. At least, that has been my experience.
They paid for tunnel tolls in Boston for me when the shop access was only through the Callahan tunnel.
Hi, I am new and I have been receiving lots of emails for dining/restaurant mystery shopping.... where I need to buy an
drink.. (i think that's what it means)

they say I need to spend $25.00 and the pay for the for my mystery shopping is $5.00... WTF REALLY
So, I need to spend $25.00 to make $5.00???

Am i missing something here... do i just have a misunderstanding AustinMom...

Help Please
thank you so very much
Hey, dacosta, welcome to the forum. As jpgilham said, you also get reimbursed. So, yes, you do go to a restaurant and spend $25. While you eat (and drink) you make the observations required in the guidelines for the shop. You keep your itemized receipt, documenting how much money you spent. When you get home, you complete an online report and you upload a photo of the receipt. When you are paid, usually 30-60 days later, depending on the MSC, you get reimbursed for the food costs, up to $25, if that was the agreement under which you accepted the assignment, along with the fee, of say, $5.

Definitely, earning $5 is not very much. Whether this type of assignment is worth it or not is a call you have to make for yourself. Some mystery shoppers do not like this type of shop and do not perform them. I personally LOVE them. I have a very rewarding full time job that I love (but the pay sucks!) and I mystery shop for "extras," especially eating out because I LOVE to eat in a nice restaurant. When I do these shops, I do them only if I want to eat in that particular restaurant because I enjoy the restaurant and the food..... and only if the reimbursement is enough to cover two or three so I can take a family member. And I consider that I am "paying" for the dining experience by writing a report. I'd rather write a report than cook.
I have never had an issue with Confero and reimbursement. One time, we ordered the upgraded seating for a movie theater alcohol shop and they even reimbursed that cost. Keep plugging away BellaFenice and they will take care of you!

We dealt with Laura Leary. LauraL@conferoinc.com

Good luck!

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BellaFenice Wrote:
> I just wish they would at least respond to my
> emails sad smiley

Have you called them? smiling smiley
One of my favorite companies. I feel they pay very reasonably, pay according to schedule, and the reports are very reasonable.

They really only have two to three jobs in my area, but I've done each dozens of times, with no problems.
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