MSC payment dates

Mine came in today.

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Good Luck - their invoicing system in close to crazy. I could not submit an invoice until shop is approved. Have to check the job log to see if approved. It was if they were hoping you would forget to check - it took a while for shop to approved. They do not send out emails saying it has been accepted and approved. I jumped thru their hoops - did not pay - sent email - said they did not receive invoice - sent again 2 additional times - didn't know what the problem might be - could not send directly to the payment department had to go thru one person that checks with another person. I gave them one additional chance and the shop was crazier than the payment schedule. I took them off my list completely. I have performed mystery shopping off and on since 2009 and have never unsubscribed from any mystery shopping company due to their poor business system. I have had great results with Ellis Apartments and the people that I work with. I have completed several apartments shops for them - I have always had great folks to work with on any and all apartments.
Regarding MF payments, normally, my payment, via direct deposit, hits about the 10th of each month. However, their site states direct deposits are "around" the 10th of the month. This month, mine hit today, 9-13 (Sunday) as pending. Funds will be available tomorrow, 9-14.
Oops, actually my MFI DD payment came on Sept. 10, 2015, not Sept. 11th when I posted it. That's why I said, a day earlier. And it was on my account that same day.
I just received my payment from Mystery Shopping Canada today. Yesterday they said PayPal was having problems. Strategic Evaluations paid me by mail and I received it this afternoon. They also said PayPal was having problems.
Thank You so much for doing this, what a huge amount of work. I am so grateful for you taking the mystery (lol) out of the payment process!

Shopping til' I drop, no joke here!
Quick question...Has anyone worked for The Consumer Insight? Do they go by any other name? And when do they pay? If I am reading their site correctly, I should have had a payday by now.
PayPal is having problems, in case anyone is doubtful of what the MSCs might be saying. I get a little something from a non-mystery shopping company and they've had a notice up for the last week or so that PayPal is experiencing a glitch and even sending some of their payees notices that payment was denied. Apparently, whatever is happening is definitely on PayPal's end of things and they are working on it.
I received this email from or Sensors Quality:

The Direct Deposit payments for the September 2015 shopper payroll that is
expected on October 1, 2015 will be delayed for a week. Your Deposit will
arrive in your bank account on Friday, October 9, 2015.

This is a result of a situation which we have no control over.

We at SQM sincerely apologize for this situation and would appreciate your
Any one else having problems with Sentry Market?

I did a shop on July 15 and I was told I would be pay on Oct 2. As of Oct 2 I still have not been pay sad smiley
Delayed payment from Mystery Shopping Canada

"There appears to be the same issue as last month again this month. It seems to happen when there is a bank holiday that falls between the 5th and 15th of the month. PayPal has not yet released the funds, so your payment has been delayed. I do expect that it will be rectified by tomorrow, though." From email from the MSC.
ACE Mystery Shopping -- Julie and her husband bought out Tiffany. The first change they are making is to switch from Dwolla to checks.

@JulieACE wrote:

We will try have all checks mailed by the 15th of the following month (or first business day after if it occurs on a weekend). Since it takes longer for to process checks, we will begin processing them around the 3rd of the month, once all shops are in. This means that some will be mailed out well before the 15th.
Really appreciate the effort and the list I was searching for companies that pay a little faster than 30 to 45 days. THANKS A MILLION
You put lots of work into this and I would like to add my thanks to the others who have thanked you. When I first started mystery shopping, I signed up with companies that took beginners. They were few and I listed my passwords and their websites in an alphabetized book I picked up. I printed out every company's ICA and payment terms and added that to an Excel spreadsheet, which I set up as my bookkeeping. As I registered with more companies, this became a nightmare of sorts. I finally resorted to Quickbooks. I keep the MSCs payment information there. This list is easy to transfer to a spreadsheet or even a Word document with columns. Thank you again for the effort you and others have put into this.
Who updates this thing? I am trying to find how and when Ipsos SASSIE and shopmetrics pay. Any info is appreciated.
It was nice of the original poster to compile the list, so I'm appreciative of that. Naturally, since that post there have been updates. Maybe someone will take it upon themselves to bring it current and replace this one with a new, improved one, but that does take time and it's not proper to demand or expect that. I look at this list as a gift that someone gave to all of us.

That said, I read in another post that IPSOS pays the following month on the 15th via PayPal.
Yes, IPSOS is supposed to pay on the 15th by PayPal, although last month's pay did run a few days late. Sassie and Shopmetrics are shopping platforms, not mystery shopping companies (MSCs).
I understand they are platforms, but I received payment for a shops I completed on SASSIE a lot earlier than I did for the shops I did on shopmetrics. Actually, I haven't even received the shopmetrics payments yet. Thanks for the info!
It's only a coincidence, though. The platforms have nothing to do with the MSCs that use them or their payment schedules.
I'm a little surprised at Technology Shoppers. They usually pay 1-2 weeks. I have 3 shops that were completed 3 weeks ago and are "pending payment".
@Orrymain wrote:

It was nice of the original poster to compile the list, so I'm appreciative of that. Naturally, since that post there have been updates. Maybe someone will take it upon themselves to bring it current and replace this one with a new, improved one, but that does take time and it's not proper to demand or expect that. I look at this list as a gift that someone gave to all of us..

If there's a need for an update-able page by multiple people, maybe starting a Wikipedia page would be a good idea. Not by me though because I am too lazy grinning smiley
The "original post" was updated on September 15, 2015. It is not a static page. I really don't think that Wikepedia is the place for this type of information. Did you ever look at the entry for Mystery Shopping on
Wikipedia? []

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
Thanks for the info. Really appreciate the work. FYI: Reality Based Group pays on the 10th with Direct Deposit. The 20th for all others.
I honestly feel we all should chip in a few dollars for the list,
as it is invaluable. I am not joking, that really is a
lot of work and everyone appears to appreciate it, I truly do
and gratitude does not feel like enough. I know it
is Hanukkah, Christmas et al., but really that is a great deal
of effort~ I am will to contribute, anyway if you like? Anyone?

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Anyone know how long it takes to get paid from Five Diamond Hospitality?

Now scheduling travel shops for the day after Christmas through mid-January.
ICU is more like 45-60 days. Every check so far took that long for me to get. Informa gets 90% of my checks to me in LESS than 30 days.
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