Second to None deleting completed Jobs without paying

I completed 6 jobs with Second to None. Today I decided to look at the status and WOW. THEY ARE GONE. NO sign of the assigned show, no sign of payment. NO RECORD AT ALL. What's up with that? Did they accept my report/submit it and then delete it to keep from paying for it. Has anyone else experienced this. They have actually deleted my jobs and have not paid me for any of them. They owe me for several that they have deleted. This turns my stomach upside down. I really need to check my records more frequently. How many other companies forget/don't pay!!!!????

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Are you looking under 'my shop invoices'? I've never heard of them just deleting completed shops and I've done a lot of shops for them over the years.
I have always been paid unless they have excluded a shop in which case they have notified me and told me why they were excluding it.
If it's not under shop invoices they also could be under incomplete - that happened to me before. Email one of the schedulers. I work with Stephanie and she's great!
Under My Assignments you can look at Rejected Shops and My Shop Invoices. If they are not there look under the heading Finalize Shops and check both In Process and Needing Clarification.

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Petie1106 it sounds like you have no clue as to what or where to look. They have always paid me.
Honestlly, they are the worst to shop for....the payments don't even cover the costs usually, they 'charge' a dollar for paying you, and they reject without warning.
I love it when I read posts where people say companies reject without warning, blah blah.

Back it up with facts, for crying out loud. To me, this is just plain nonsense.

I did one shop for them last year and did not have the receipt and guess what? THEY PAID ME.

Go take your whining somewhere else if you can't supply the facts.
Thanks for the warm welcome Canuck....nothing like an 'expert' shooting ya down.

You want the details? Well, I took a dozen pictures and submitted all of them. Got rejected shop. When I asked why, I was told that the reviewer couldn't read a price in one shot of the menu board. I had submitted additional shots of the board. I was not given a chance to give them more information or point out the other clear shot. I have done hundreds of mystery shops....this is the ONLY one I've ever had rejected....and only one where I got such attitude from a reviewer. Then again, looks like attitude may be a problem here too.
I do a lot of shops for this company and they have always paid on time. You are looking in the wring place - once your shop is entered then it is deleted - but you should be able to find it until shop invoices -

It would be helpful if you looked first before freaking out
I'll admit, it was disconcerting for me when I went to look up a shop that was in that limbo following "completed" but between "approved for payment" and "payment received" and could find no trace of it anywhere.

I wish all the MSC's would have all shops visible at all time, in whatever their status is at the moment -- assigned, finished, approved, scheduled for payment, payment has been made (with date and method). But some of them just don't show them any more once they've been sent to Accounting for payment.

But this is also exactly why we need to keep our own records and not rely on the MSC's page to tell us if they owe us money or not. Not all of them give us the means to cross-check.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
And comments like "you obviously have no clue where to look" or "look first before freaking out" are not all that helpful. The OP posted this two months ago. The posts suggesting where she go to find the information were at the same time. Why dig up a thread to just take a cheap shot?

Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It's not pie.
"I prefer someone who burns the flag and then wraps themselves up in the Constitution over someone who burns the Constitution and then wraps themselves up in the flag." -Molly Ivins
Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and it really annoys the pig.
Sigh.... and this is why I wish threads would automatically lock down after a couple weeks of inactivity. Some newbie (or oldie in disguise) comes along and dredges up something that is long ago resolved just to make a snarky remark.

Been a lot of that lately....

Time to build a bigger bridge.
I did my first shop with them and submitted my report six days ago. I just checked it and it was still in process. I wanted to know if I did it right before I do my second shop tomorrow. I emailed them, got no response. Anybody know how long it takes before it get accepted or rejected. It was the one where you have to take pictures. I dont know if I am allowed to say it.
I just started with STN and I too am looking at a week ago and the reports are still in process. I have also asked if everything was okay, before going on to more shops. If anyone has any clarity to this I would really appreciate. it. Thanks!
I have the same issue as Ccc1122. I have a shop still in process for over 2 weeks.

After I did the shop, I was supposed to upload a copy of questionnaire completed by the doctor's office. Once I did that, I was told the ques. for my observations would be uploaded to the site. I emailed and was told , sorry for delay, it will appear "shortly" whatever that means.

There was an issue before the shop too. The instructions were supposed to include the name of the person to make the appointment with - kind of appointment. They did not. I received the same type of answer -sorry for delay, it will appear "shortly" Finally a week later, and two more emails from me, I was told, Oh just ask for the office manager.

I am kind of skeptical noww about getting paid. I suspect I will have to chase it down also.
I still have not received a reply from SAecond to None on the vision shop i did on 9- 30. It is still listed as in process. I have emailed 3 times. First time I receive a response from David saying Sorry Link will be sent today. That was last week. No response at all to follow up emails

Unfortunately for me, I did the shop and as directed scanned the info on prices to them. Then I was supposed to receive the link for the shop report to complete.

Clearly the client just wanted the competitive information on the prices. So they get what they want and then don't pay.

Lesson learned!
Try Research Services Group if you want to do shops, submit them and then have them disappear without payment because an editor did not like what he/she got for submission. I submitted a full size sheet with reversed dates on it from the client and they were not well legible and could not be fixed. It was their paperwork. I kept being asked for corrected copies but I could not make the editor happy. They cancelled 8 shops that were done without payment and when I asked, I was told it was the client who cancelled them. Now I have heard everything and nothing from them is novel. Lesson learnt.
I think I may have one better. I completed shops for RSG, they accepted the shops and said they would pay me on the 15th of this month. When I didn't get paid by the 17th, I contacted them by telephone. I was told I'd get paid on Friday the 21st. They even sent me an email stating I'd get paid on Friday.'s Friday. And not only was I not paid, but now no one answers the phone, returns my voicemail, or emails me back. Should I just count this as a loss?
I wouldn't call it a loss. It's Friday. Often times they pay when they said they'd pay and the bank posts it the next day (I've never shopped that company so I'm speaking out of my armpit).
Also, if they're in a different time zone you may be calling after business hours.
Or they have your number on auto ignore.
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