IPSOS April-May 2014 Postal Mailing Study

If you participated in this assignment and HAVE NOT BEEN paid, please leave a comment here. I am in contact with the client who contracted with IPSOS for the Mail Study, and I would like to have an idea as to how many of us have yet to receive payment for this work.

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I tried to email Bill and the mail daemons returned it as an unknown address.
I emailed Dolores and got an out of office message indicating that she was out until 7/10 and would be in touch when she returned. Today is 7/11 and no email yet.
I have been in contact with accounting. Dolores isn't responding to them either. Apparently, almost everyone on this team quit and no one knows what's going on.
Ditto for the mail study. Emailed Bill and got mailer-daemon returned. Contacted scheduler through sassie. No reply. I thought Dolores was great so I hope she's alright. This is out of character.

I also got a strange email in May from Bill@ipsos . He asked "Do I have a dog?"

His linked in account says he is retired some place. I imagine the two may have not been treated nicely and quit. Just my guess.
Ipsos also had a project where you called dog groomers and boarding kennels to inquire about services and prices. That's why he asked about the dog.
I haven't been paid either and have contacted Dolores and Bill to no avail. I reached someone at Bill's former phone number who gave me another person to contact. I left a message with him, but haven't heard anything back.

The shop is still in "Completed" status.

The more I learn about people...the more I like my dog..

Mark Twain
I have not yet been paid either, and have left messages on the Ipsos Help/Contact link to no avail.
All I'm getting from Ipsos is "We're looking into it." They claim to have no record of anything. The company's headquarters are in France. That's where I'm headed next. Looks like that Master's in French is finally going to come in handy.
After calling every number I could find for IPSOS and leaving many messages, I noticed my Postal Mailing shop is now in "Received" status with payment pending.

That is a good sign. At least somebody woke up over there.

The more I learn about people...the more I like my dog..

Mark Twain
Just got an e-mail from Ipsos. The payment for the Postal Mailing Study is in my PayPal account.
I also got an email from Paypal saying I had been paid from IPSOS. I went to Paypal and sure
enough, it was there! I transferred it to my bank account ASAP!! I'm glad I finally got paid!
Got my PayPal payment this evening as well. Yippee! I never did get a response from anyone, just the payment.

The more I learn about people...the more I like my dog..

Mark Twain
I was just paid as well. Glad to see things appear to have been resolved.

I appreciate the efforts of everyone who called and emailed to bring this to their attention.
I got no response but did get payment as well. Earlier in the day got a PayPal payment for other IPSOS shops done on their ShopMetrics website so I'm now paid up. It will be interesting to see if the mailing program returns from IPSOS or whether it pops up with another MSP.
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