Mystery Shopping Companies

I agree that $1K/month or more is not unusual but, for me, that usually means that I've worked shopping, revealed audits, QA assignments, with a bit of merchandising thrown in and maybe even a demo event. Of course, I live in a very rural area where a lot of driving is required to make any significant money. That used to be acceptable because of the 50.5-cent mileage allowance, but now that gasoline has gotten so costly I'm taking a lot less road work (except for the ones that give me a couple free gallons of gasoline) and staying home a lot more and working on the internet.


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nclowrider Wrote:
> I get a lot of those emails that say they need to
> deposit money into my account and i get to keep
> 10%or 30% of that large check or sometimes they
> say they are money orders my sister got ripped off
> like that over some money orders they came by ups
> and they looked real the post office cashed two of
> the eight there was ten of them for 9000 her bank
> cashed two but they put her checking account over
> draft when they came back flase.but she was able
> to pay her accont off because she never mailed
> them any of the money she just put the money back
> into her acccont and all was find thy are looking
> for these sites at the bbb.

I was put into the same situation as your sister, since this was my first assignment, I was excited about it. I opened a business account and the company stated that I should shop for $200, get paid $300, and then send the ohter money through Western Union to a Mr. Smith with no particular address other than New York City, well my bank notified me that the check was fraudulent on Monday, but not before the account was wiped out of the $3,000. be Very Careful people, if it sounds too good to be true, IT USUALLY IS!. Thanks for listening.
I'm a newbie at this just reading thru all forums inputs. I believe companies that do hard workers wrong should be exposed. Its like eating at a restarant that serve bad food. I would tell my mother, sisters, and friends NOT TO EAT THERE. same difference. Let your co-workers know not to shop at this place because That company treat you wrongful.
Well I'm gonna see if I can make a little money at this living on the
central coast. I hope I don't get burn.
Thank U for the LIST

It will help in the amount of choices you have to choose from and a more higher class clientelle to work with. Also, to Stephie, anytime you get a posting of anykind like that wanting you to open an account or cash money orders for people overseas, DO NOTand I repeat DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!! I had my bank check on one of the money orders before puttig it into my account and it was falsied and it is the same as cash coming out of your account and you never see the money. I check before I even did this and now report all of these types offers to "phishing scams" in my junk mail folder. I haven't received but one or two in the last several months total compared to 5 to 10 a day. If you think it is a scam, report it as such. This is the only way we are going to get these people out of our computer systems. It takes everyone helping together.
Depending on where you are certification MAY help. If your area is saturated with other shoppers of similar experience who are requesting the same job it MAY encourage a scheduler to select you rather than the others. Many companies just state on their boards that they do not use the MSPA certification and experienced shoppers fairly close to me who have paid for certification see about the same jobs I see. Overall I am convinced that "Better jobs with certification" is a myth. I have shopped a long time and yes, I see better jobs fairly frequently, but being awarded jobs is based on my reputation with the company.
It is too bad that this list of companies does not show that they do business in Canada. To apply to all of these companies and maybe there are only 25-50 that do business in Canada is a waste of valuable time.
Thanks Jacob for the list of stores! The only problem is that I live in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago and most of these stores do not cater to my location... Do you know any stores that are international? We have a lot of international chains here - a lot!

Thanks again for all the help!
Might try Gapbuster, Corporate Research International and Shop 'N Check (MarketForce). These do have a number of clients that have a worldwide presence.
brianpapa 1st thing first. If you want to sign up for Mystery Shops and actually receive them, you can't e-mail messages like you text messages on your phone. Be very professional and sell yourself as an ecxellent shopper.
Hello all you have all been a great help to me I would like to start traveling doing shops I have a laptop and wireless Internet .. i would like to map out trips can anyone help me find motel shops to do and some better paying companies I'm still new so i would welcome all replies I live In the Tn area around Chattanooga
Lisa, I am from Chattanooga, moved to Omaha 7 years ago. When I come home to Chattanooga, I do alot of shops there and in Cleveland Tn, If you want to travel as far as Nashville there are some companies that have shops there too.
Anonymous Insights and Freeman Group frequently have hotel/motel shops. The pay isn't great but your room charge will be reversed from your credit card in a week or so if your shop is accepted. Be aware they usually do not shop the under $50 per night hotels/motels.
Thanks all for the great info ...i have signed up with a lot of companies so far and still need to sign up with more , I want to make it doing this and not just for free meals :-) but hey that helps .. i just wish i could figure out which ones have a lot of work in my area
Customer Service Perceptions Has anyone worked for this company ? I applied and got a email telling me to send them a processing fee ... I'm thinking 1st rule never pay !
I'm not signed up with them, I don't think I know them at all. There is a Customer Perspectives and a Customer Service Experts. As soon as they ask for a processing fee I would head for the door because that is NOT what legitimate companies do. I suspect somebody is making a buck to send you a list of what other companies offer.
There are certainly plenty of companies out there with plenty of jobs who aren't ripping off shoppers for "processing" or "membership" fees. Of course they rip you off in other ways, like fees, but in the absence of sure and certain knowledge that Customer Service Perspectives paid consistently better fees to offset a "processing" fee many times over, I would keep my money in my pocket.
Checked my files of over 155 company applications. I have Cust. Perceptions and Cust. Perspectives, and of course CSE. All legit. The other one is a scam.
Can I post the email they sent me ?
opps i better not because there address is 20 miles from me and they have my address and theres is a po box :-) but i will send it to email adresses
debdream Wrote:
> Flash, DO you have the website to apply with
> Freeman Group?

What a wonderful list to attack!
Here are a few I've collected that are not on your list.
I've not looked at them all yet, but Marketforce is my favorite so far.

ABA Quality Monitoring
Allied Corporate Protective Service
Amusement Advantage
Audits and Surveys Worldwide
Business Research Lab
California Marketing Specialists
Campbell Edgar, Inc
Campus Consulting
Cirrus Marketing Consultants
Consumer Connection
Consumer Critique, Inc
Corporate Images Retail Service Evaluations
Corporate Research International (CoRI)
Courtesy Counts, Inc.
Ellis Property Management Services
Employee Evaluators
Excel Shopping & Consulting
Eye On Retail
First Bank
Genesis Group
Golden Resources Marketing Group
Green & Associates
Jack In The Box
KSS International
Merc Services
Metro Park Mystery Shopper
Professional Shoppers
Quality Marketing
Quality Service Inspections (QSI) Specialists
Restaurant Shops on-line
Retail Evaluators
RQA, Inc
Sassie Shop
Service Perceptions
Service Quest
Spot Checks
Survey Club
System Check
Target Mystery Shoppers
Taylor Nelson Sofres - TNS Intersearch
The Corporate Research Group
The Pat Henry Group
Another site to add to the list is [] or go to there mystery shopping page directly at []

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Any companies in india doing mystery shopping. Pls. let me know few names of the companies in India doing this.
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