EPMS- Ellis- Is anyone in charge?

Have been signed on with them over 10 years now. Each year they get worse and worse. I stopped taking anything from them last year. In my experience it felt like the staff just didn't communicate with each other. For example one pulled my report because the other forgot to extend the due date. Sent 3 emails in reply to the fiasco to get a rude reply that I was sending too many emails...

Initially I thought I would just take a break from them. Hundreds of ridiculously boring emails later and it is clear they have lost their way. Anybody else sick of these "Have you changed the linens" "What's holding you back" " Are you shopping this week"
form letter emails? Makes me want to scream my linens are good thanks, your ineptitude is holding me back, I am shopping but not for you.

The last week of each month more of the same they have tons of "specific target" shops shops with large bonus. And I think they have finally begun to loose some business to other shopping companies. Don't get me wrong I saw the opportunity of picking up one of these desperate calls to shop for twice the pay. And the end result was that the first person forgot to extend the deadline so the person that got my report pulled it off the system. Which lead to 3 form emails where is your report. To which I had to send 3 replies to get a rude reply that I am sending too many emails.

Can't help but wonder how much business they need to loose before a muckie muck takes notice....

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I do not like getting all the emails either, about the linens, etc., but I have never had a problem with them that I could not get handled. They have always been very professional and kind to me. I think they have a lot of new schedulers, though, that are still learning the ropes. The pay for the recorded on-site went down and you only get it back using your own device. I think they should raise that price. It saves them a lot by not having to overnight their devices and have them sent back and upload the file themselves. But they do always pay. And lastly, I do not like that there are shops that are not posted and only offered when they are in a pinch.
It seems to me that a lot of the self assign shops are no longer on the board. The shops that are on the board get taken right away. I get emails saying they have shops in certain cities, but no address. I want to know what the address is before I take the shop. I emailed one of the new schedulers asking the address. She emailed back asking which shop I wanted and she would assign it to me, but didn't tell me the address. That was probably a year ago. I haven't taken any shops from them since they started this.

I used to like shopping for them (even though their reports are a PITA) because they pay regularly and by direct deposit. I never had a problem getting an extension if I couldn't reach the target. It sounds like this isn't the case anymore either.
I have been thankful to always get an extension. There are a few schedulers that are a little snippy about it, but I just tell them like it is. Whether I did three of them that day or was in a lot of traffic or how much time I have wasted trying to get a target or even all of the above and more. Yes, I have seen regular shops that do not show anymore and when I get the emails of availabilities, I answer right away and I am always told it's taken. But at other times I get many handed to me, so it's a see-saw, sometimes. Lately, a lot of the reports for certain clients have been drastically shortened. I hope the rest will be! That is the biggest problem I have with them. I like writing a good report, but I hate repeating stuff that other areas have covered. That executive summary section is the worst. However, like I said, some clients have a new version that takes no time to do. And that second to the last section that is for internal purposes. It's too long and ridiculous. There is no need for us to put the time and date in again, etc. And having to look for distinguishing characteristics. It's easy when there is a tattoo or chipped tooth or something. But if you did a recorded on-site or video, none of these sections are needed. All the proof is there. A complete waste of time. I am also running out of telephone numbers, email addresses and variations of my name to use. I have to call friends to ask if I can use their number! They really need to pay more. These rates have been the same for years.
I had to stop shopping with them when their apartment shops required a phone call after the physical shop. I have such a strong accent there's no way I would not be identified as the person who had been in earlier that day. I did one and the scheduler was adamant I could make the call. I challenged her to call me and then tell me if she still thought I could make that call and not be identified which she did and she agreed it would not work. I even tried software to disguise my voice.

Anyway, what possible reason could they have for asking for the phone call after the shop and not before? I no longer shop for them.
You mean the phone voice disguiser did not work for you? I love that thing! I have used it a lot for other calls, not my shops, because I can do those without detection. Anyway, those shops you are referring to, are not posted frequently in my area. I wish they were, since they are not target shops.
Re: the call after the shop.. I have never been asked to do that. Usually have to let them know if the target attempted a follow up.

Re: the redundant and lengthy reports. I think everyone would agree they have the worst time consuming reports of any MSC
After awhile I did get why they kept asking same thing different sections. They were looking to make sure you answered the same way and were consistent. Tells them you really did the shop. I don't agree with this reasoning. If we trust them to pay us then they should trust that we did the shop.
The reports for Service Check are too long, as well. They want you to recap every section in your summary, precisely. You constantly have to scroll up to see if you have each and every question's answer restated below. I only do them when the bonus has been added!

Regarding the 'call after' shops for Ellis, these shops are super easy. The instructions state for you to just pop in at any time and ask about their apartments. After you leave, you call back anytime that day, while they are still open and speak to whoever answers the call. It could be the same person you shopped. Only this time you give a fake name and number over the phone and do not commit to an appointment. You fill out the report the same way as the others.
@ Purplepiece - what area are you in? I wish they had the "call after shops" out my way here in New England. Sounds like someone might be paying attention to the problem scenario afterall.
@ishoparound - I am in Georgia. But I have seen these in other states. Anytime I am out of town I pick up quite a few shops and these same 'call after shops' have been there at times. They seem to come up whenever, just like the other kind do.
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