CORI Payment Question

You may not have reached the payment time yet. I performed three jobs for them in August and was paid as follows:

Job on 8/2 paid 8/15
Job on 8/14 paid 8/'29
Job on 8/20 paid 9/5

When I log in, I go straight to the Home page, but I have noticed that a friend who shops for them goes to the payment method page and has to click on that page to move forward to the Home Page. Others have complained about that here on the forum. It doesn't seem to affect their ability to log in or get around the site. I wouldn't worry about that.

Based on how I have been paid, I'm betting your 8/26 assignment will be paid next week. They usually e-mail you about 3 days before the direct deposit happens to tell you it is coming.

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You should be paid for it this Friday the 12th. Yes, they process payment every week. The "pay period" for lack of a better term, runs Tuesday through Monday at midnight with payment issued the following Friday. Keep in mind that is for shops completely processed by Monday night. Just because you perform a shop on Monday does not guarantee it will be processed with that weeks payment.

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Pretty much what everyone has said already.

I've gotten that stupid payment screen for a year now. I have brought it to their attention, they don't care. Get used to clicking those 2 extra buttons everytime you login.

Chances are the approval of your shop didn't hit their cutoff, so you should see the pending payment tomorrow and get the money Friday. It's when they finish processing it, not when you complete it.
Yay! Just a reasonable question with no MSC-bashing, followed by several very helpful posts. This is great!
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I was looking to do a treat shop in a certain area, checked it one day. The next day when I was sure I was going to pass by that location on my way from another shop, the same shop was $1 less. Did anyone notice that?
Check the payment history on Monday, that is when they post pending payments. Payments come in on Friday. This is for direct deposit.

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