BARE email NOT a Scam


For those who received and email from BARE asking them update their email... yes, it is legitimate!

We're sorry for any confusion. The U.S. Office is doing this in order to validate the emails we have so that we can effectively communicate BARE news and updates.

It states in the email by choosing to update, your email preferences will not change within your Apollo Profile Settings; this is a correct statement. We are asking for shoppers to update via the link, for our records.

We will be sending an email similar to this from time to time over the next few weeks, we are working on ways to do so in a manner that makes all our shoppers feel more at ease. Please know that we would never give or sell your information to a third party. And you will not get a virus from this link.

We value your feedback and ask that anytime you question a correspondence from us you continue to share your concerns so that we may validate any correspondences associated with our name directly.

Thanks! smiling smiley

Corey Gartenhaus

Social Media and Marketing Coordinator
BARE International
Fairfax Virginia - Corporate Headquarters
Global Customer Experience Research
Tel: +1- 703-995-3109
+1-800-296-6699 ext.: 3109
Fax: +1-866-734-9309
Skype: bare-us-cgartenhaus

The above e-mail and any attached files ("the e-mail"winking smiley are intended solely for the addressee. The information contained in this e-mail is confidential and may be privileged. If you are not the named addressee please contact BARE International immediately and destroy any copies of this e-mail on your system. The content of this e-mail is for information only and should not be copied, disseminated or relied upon without specific written authority from BARE International.

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Can the same be accomplished by simply emailing shoppers to update their profile? I for one do not click links in emails unless they are from a trusted friend or family member (and not all family members are trusted to have their spyware and virus scanners up to date). Telling me there are jobs on your website or that there needs to be a profile update will send me to your site to look or update, but not from links in email. My policy has kept me free from computer crash disasters and I don't plan on changing it.
So will Bare be dropping shoppers who have not used the email to reply?

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The implication from their postings on this site is that the only way to verify your email address is to click on the link. They specifically state that going to their website and updating your profile will not do it. Guess that means more work for me since I clicked on the link.

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I took it that they were trying to populate a new database with only current and accurate addresses from active shoppers. The alternative would be to migrate all their existing email address over, which will include people who no longer shop, abandoned addresses, typos, duplicate registrations, etc.

I made sure the message actually came from before I clicked. The abbreviated link opened to a page. Only then did I enter anything.

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Okay. I did it.

Maybe they will be removing dead email addresses and shoppers. Maybe they're cleaning up their data base. Anyway, all done and all is good. smiling smiley
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