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Does anyone have a contact email or phone number for someone with Shared Insight? On Thursday I completed my first report for them after being notified of a job by Kern. I uploaded the required photos, submitted the report and the website confirmed that all questions had been answered and report had no errors.

Yesterday, I logged into my account to see if they post comments regarding my report online. I see that my score has been set at -2 with a message saying job released. I then see that the job is still showing under my active jobs and shows as having nothing completed! I immediately sent an online message through the website message link asking them to confirm that they have received my completed report.

This morning I checked email and received an email from a generic Shared Insight email (that says no replies accepted) saying that I must set a date for assignment within 24 hours or the job will be released. I logged back into my account and the job is now gone from my account.

Can anyone help me with a contact number for this company? This is obviously a website error on their part and should be easy enough to work out, but I don't know how to get it straightened out as I have no idea who to talk to. Thanks in advance!

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I have not yet shopped for Shared Insight, however I have taken shops by other MSCs, which were scheduled by KSS. I actually completed such a shop last week and needed to make an addition to my report. When I went on the MSC's website to send an email and make a correction, it showed the email address for the KSS scheduler. I resolved everything by communicating with the Kern scheduler. You may want to try that avenue.


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
Thanks stilllearning, I have tried that avenue. Unfortunately, my two job related emails after being assigned the job have not yet been answered. To be fair, one was sent just this morning, but the first one was sent on Wednesday.
Have you tried to call your KSS scheduler or Lori Kern?



I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
Thanks, I'll give it a try!

Edited to add: Why does it seem these type of issues always come up on the weekends? I'm sure it should be easy enough to straighten out come Monday, but was hoping to get it resolved sooner. No answer from my scheduler or the Shared Insight office number, but that's not surprising considering it's a Saturday. Anyway thanks again, stilllearning.

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In case anyone is interested, I had to re-write and resubmit the shop. Jackie from Kern did an excellent job coordinating with me over the weekend to make sure I was able to access the report again to redo, but it was disappointing to have to re-write the report.

Shared Insight claimed to have no record of me completing the report even though as I said, the website confirmed report was completed with no errors the first time I submitted it. But when I went to re-write the report, my photos were already uploaded so there was obviously some record of me having done this shop. I'm not sure what caused this glitch, but I suspect it had something to do with the calender function online. As this shop was a rush job with a bonus, the shop deadline had already passed and I had to select a date in the past as my shop date. My guess is this caused the website to register my shop as being late right from the get-go, even though I was allowed to fill in and submit my report.

Anyway, I received no comments or edits on my completed report so I'm assuming it was a successful report. Of course I've now learned not to assume anything and have taken appropriate screenshots on this second go-round. Also, I got a kick out of their scoring for my report. Even though their website was the source of the problems, I got dinged just enough to return my score back to 0! smiling smiley

10/16/14 Job released -2 -2
10/20/14 Job completed 10 8
10/20/14 Job not filed within 24 hours -8 0
31/10/14 Total points 0
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