mystery researchers (RSG)

I would be cautious to work with this company, they are very rigid and inflexible. Asking them a simple question might be a loss on your end of time, a shop and energy. Very risky investment to work with them, most companies are more willing to work with shoppers when there are miscommunications than this one.

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Please share your experiences with us, mistert. I've had only good experiences with them.

I agree there are plenty of companies around and we pick and choose who we work for. There's no reason to work for a company if the association is not advantageous or pleasant.
This MSC went WAY DOWN HILL over the last 12-24 months.
They use to be great and were very shopper friendly
The growing pains have reduced shoppers with this MSC to useless POS that are easily replaceable.

I am NOT talking about slowing down of payments. I understand that.
Its allowing Editors like RICH KOSTER than regularly feels the need to talk down and degrade shoppers to inflate his tiny little, little ego.

If Lisa feels its 0kay for editors to tell shoppers they are a waste of human existence than this is a MSC I will NEVER SHOP FOR AGAIN!
Well? we all have our own experiences for whatever reasons and this company has been VERY okay with me.
The shop I did for them I had no business card or receipt and stil got paid. No problems with them.
To the OP -
Your three entries on the Forum have all been posted to criticize this MSC. You've mentioned a questioned receipt, a misunderstood survey question, and now, two months after your first anti-MR/RSG post, an ambiguous anti-shopper attitude that you perceive on the part of the MSC. I hope that you've looked inwardly to a sufficient degree so as to be able to discern what you might do differently with other MSCs, and that you'll find peace in letting go of both your registration with MR/RSG and of any grudge against them by which you are still burdened.

To jackaroe -
Subjectively criticizing individuals by name, without objective details, and without accountability since spoken from behind a veil of anonymity, is unbecoming of the professionalism required by our trade.
You can read a very detailed account of what RK and RSG had done to other shoppers

Its in the OTHER RSG topic in this forum


And as far as the comment about professionalism required by our trade??
Excuse me??
What the he ll are you talking about.
When these MSC go around RIPPING OFF shoppers becareful when you go around BLINDLY defending them when YOU are talking WAY OUT of turn!!!
Now now.

Mary Davis Nowell. Based close to Fort Worth. Shopping Interstate 20 east and west, Interstate 35 north and south.
I love that they have taken a week to ten days for a review of a shop,which they then expect to be re- done, and then the re-do begets another re-do. A $15 shop becomes a minus $ shop, that takes 2-3 weeks to complete. Endless nitpicking and a "gotcha" mentality
@triciabb, without naming the client, which TYPE of shop are you referring to? Some of us may be familiar with the problem but more information is needed.
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