Suggestions for Maritz' Pegasus Gas Stations

Having performed many more gas stations shops for this particular MSC' s gas station account, I would like to make a few suggestions to their online report (only two suggestions at this point):

1) Please move the question of the dispenser in which I used to purchase fuel, to just after the fuel purchase amount question. It was there last year. Now its buried somewhere deeper in the report. It always seems to be the question that I somehow skip over. AAMOF, why not keep all the fuel questions in one area?

2) Why not have a question asking for the number of fuel dispensers (including diesel, kerosene, fuel oil, and any other fuel pumps at the location). As an example, if there were 8 gasoline pumping positions and then another 6 other positions that were non-gasoline, the total would be 14.
Once that number is inputted to the report, there would only be 14 total positions to report POP, credit card and other questions. The remaining dispenser questions would automatically be blanked out. Henceforth, not needing to be filled out.
For the non-gasoline positions, they could still be reported as they are now, "this is a diesel or kerosene, etc" check-off. Although it seems trivial, I've had stations that had only 4 dispenser positions. To have to check off that the other 20 positions were not there seems a wee bit cumbersome and time-consuming.

I'm sure there are other suggestions. These are mine.

Happy Friday!

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I hate that you have to click on 24 pumps when the gas station might have had 4. I think when it was CORI you said how many pumps there were and that was how many you had to report on.
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