Is Stericycle just giving up?

At the end of the year, there were scores of GS shops, some dating as far back as October, still on the board, garden center visits that went back to July, and hardware stores that went back to August. They all just disappeared on Jan. 1. Poof. Gone forever.
"Rush" bookstores are still on the board right now, long past the rush timeframe.
Today we get an email for January GS shops... 1483 of them nationwide. Five days left in the month, and they're still posted at their piddly starting prices.

Is Stericycle just giving up? Don't the clients care whether these shops get done on time, or even at all?

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There are several very large states conspicuously absent from the email list, and no provinces.
They seem to be losing accounts to attrition and doing nothing to re-build their client list. I think they are slowly leaving the world of mystery shopping behind.

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I used to work for them often, now I rarely check their board. All of the shops I used to do for them are gone. Too bad, I liked them.
Has anyone seen if the Deflate-Gate Chicken places were ever picked up by anyone else?
Last Friday was the first time I have not received a paycheck from them in 6 years of shopping. Jobs at $4 are just sitting there.

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Just after I posted yesterday I found the furniture store that they used to have. That makes five clients gone from them that I can account for.
DRJ - I have not found that client anywhere else yet.
@elcarev68 wrote:

Just after I posted yesterday I found the furniture store that they used to have. That makes five clients gone from them that I can account for.
DRJ - I have not found that client anywhere else yet.


I miss those:-(
I was just thinking about them. In the past, I used to do work for them all the time. I have not done anything with them in many months and I don't see anything really worth while on their board as of late.
"Giving up" is an interesting way to put it.

Remember that two or three years ago, Stericycle, who as a company had no experience in mystery shopping, bought out CoRI. Maybe the kept key employees from CoRI, maybe they didn't. What is clear to me is that their client list has shrunk and continues to do so. There are only two clients listed in my area with about 40 shops for January. After a quick glance at the fees for three or four shops, those fees are too low to get my attention, especially at this time of the month.

It really isn't CoRI anymore.

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I registered with them not too long ago because I was interested in checking out the shops for the chain store that sells stuff for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and beyond. The shop qualification for that is still on their site, but I haven't seen any shops. The qualification list is quite long, but I have no way of knowing if all of the businesses listed on there are still active Stericycle clients.

In my area of southern New England Stericycle currently has a lot of gas station shops and a couple of retail shops listed, but the pay for those is way too low.
I believe that Stericycle bought CORI for it's non-mystery shopping parts. From the way things look I imagine that the plan all along was to phase out the MS portion. Although I don't understand why they didn't just sell it if that's the case.

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$4 for a gas station with $2 for gas and $1 for the store just doesn't interest me. I miss the days when I did them for $20-$50 each. I used to get nice weekly direct deposits. However, someone takes the stations around here every month. Lots are still listed on the board for this month, however. I haven't checked today, but as of yesterday they were still paying $4.

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Their remaining GS client is only being shopped in 25 states.

@nutmegstategirl - The project you signed up to get is now being shopped by someone else.
I just checked their board and the only shop in my area pays $4 with a $5 reimbursement. I cannot afford to do a shop for $4. The comp won't cover anything also.
I miss the days when I could knock off a few drive-thru lunch shops in an afternoon and eat well for a few days.
I miss the grocery store cross-marketing materials audit they had for the gas station chain. They would get bonused from $3 up to twice that or more often enough to make picking up a few worth it.

Other that that I don't miss them.
I was in the middle of registering with them, and found their application process much more involved and cumbersome than ANY other company. After I jumped through the first hoop, they tell me I have to send them seven different required forms. They provided a link to the forms that leads to a page with an error message.

After reading all the responses it sounds like it may not be worth jumping through that next hoop.

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I know a young adult shop is no longer with them but they are going out of business and will no longer be with anyone.
I miss the hardware and the Fast food shops. To bad Maritz picked up the hardware shops,
and the gas stations, good 'ol Maritz they are not going to give a bonus like Stericycle
did. And the other client (fast food) decided to no longer be mystery shopped,
they now use a survey on the back of their receipt.
I took 6 gas station shops at $14 a piece .... plus the $3 reimbursement for each. I made myself an easy $102.

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I jumped through all the hoops completely digitally to fill out all the forms and ended up with an account and (0) shops showing for my area. sad smiley

I used full Adobe Acrobat and cut and pasted signatures in the required places and edited the forms like a champ. Never even used a printer to create my account.
@ctalbert wrote:

I know a young adult shop is no longer with them but they are going out of business and will no longer be with anyone.

If you're talking about the store with the hard to pronounce, French-sounding name...they did close some stores, but I don't see them going out of business anytime soon. And this store is still with CORI/Stericycle.
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