not sure what to do about bare payment

So I need advice about bare international. I received the email about my payment coming and my payment is 0.65 short. I dont know if I should say anything because I mean its 0.65 and I understand that stuff happens within payroll, on the other hand I dont want to be short greater amounts in the future. What should I do? Who should I contact if anyone? Or what would you do?

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Try this. She posted within the last few days about contacting her with any questions about payroll.

Tabitha Barbarito
Office Manager Bare International
tbarbarito@bareinternational.comTabitha Barbarito
Office Manager Bare International

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Great advice from walesmaven. Tabitha posted some great information - read the thread


and contact her with questions.
Bare is a fine company. In fact in my experience it is one of the most professionally run companies.

You should contact them regarding the mixup. Normally with Bare, I would go through my scheduler and expect them to fix it and add the amount to the next monthly payment. With Bare - as walesmaven posted above - you have another option. Either way you choose, I think the time spent of about a minute or so is worth it.

Good luck!

PS: They generally work 'normal' hours. I would not expect a response until Monday.

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Ok! Thanks guys! I did see her post and wasn't sure if I should go through her or my normal scheduler. But I've never had an issue with them either so I dont think it will be problematic smiling smiley thanks everyone
I suggest that you check your Bare shop log versus your own records to find out where the discrepancy occurred. Then you have a basis for discussion. You might have entered the wrong number in your spreadsheet (I have done that) or entered the wrong amount for a receipt when you submitted the report (I have done that also). 65 cents is going to be relatively easy to find if it is all associated with a single shop.

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