Market Force Bank shop question

Does anybody have any experience with these shops? Specifically, I am wondering how MF deals with a shop when the shopper is unable to make an appointment with the target. This isn't a closed location, so it doesn't seem that the closed location fee would apply. I don't see anything in the guidelines about this.

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I have done banks via of MF in the past and the target was always someone whom was in the bank at all times. At times the Teller was subbing as a CSR and vice versa. The banks are usually small so if there are two employees in the bank, one of them is a CSR.
Oh these must be different bank shops. These shops are for personal bankers who seem to sometimes float to different branches. The banks are a large brand and they have more than two employees at the branches I have seen.
Somehow I have not had a problem with having an appointment with this client. Knock on wood! However, I have always had a problem with another due to the fact that very few specialists were qualified to open an account and I went cold calling. I went to the bank and told them my difficulty making an appointment. Somehow, someone manages to be available though I did have to wait. But the fee was worth it.
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