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Been a shopper for many years. Got an e mail to provide my phone number as they tried calling me and could not reach me. Just got a new cell and forgot to put it on the profile which was my fault I suppose. Responded to who wrote with my new number and said to call me or email me with any problems. All shops done listed as accepted and verified. Never heard a word. Updated profile with new number and the select shops area still not there. Have several shops still to be done in upcoming weeks and wondering should I cancel them or not. Never flaked, always on time, have not cancelled, seldom reschedule except to move dates up if I have time earlier than set date, always turned in receipts properly. Been shopping for them for over 5 years at least. Not about to beg them if they do not want me but simply confused. Any advice?

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I had an issue several years ago, the select shops button was deactivated. I contacted the help desk, and they told me it was temporary because I had put in some shops late. I said I was sorry, and they turned it back on. Have you contacted the help desk? As long as you can still log on, I would say your account is still active, and you should complete the shops you have scheduled.

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Do contact the Help Desk. You don't want 'your' shops reassigned to others and you don't want to fail to do them in case they still are on your roster. Explain the situation just as you have done here. Call them at 1-800-669-6526 and see if there is anyone around today. If not, leave a message. Then contact the Help Desk at and leave the same message. Likely someone will get back with you reasonably promptly and likely tell you that you didn't need to leave the message at both places smiling smiley Nevertheless leave it at both places so it can't be just ignored.
Did you just reach a milestone with them, such as $500 payment (not reimbursement) for the year?

Has your email on file with them been down at all? If they send you an email and it bounces back, they will turn off select new shops to get you to call them as well. This does not mean your deactivated.

Proceed to acknowledge and complete all shops!

I would defiantly call. If you made a mistake, you can apologize more sincerely over the phone than the coldness of an email.
@scanman1 wrote:

I would defiantly call.

Is that what you meant or did you mean definitely? I don't think $500 is any sort of limit as I get a 1099 from them each year and it is for fees only. They wouldn't have to send one out for $500 in fees.
@Flash wrote:

@scanman1 wrote:

I would defiantly call.

Is that what you meant or did you mean definitely? I don't think $500 is any sort of limit as I get a 1099 from them each year and it is for fees only. They wouldn't have to send one out for $500 in fees.

Spell check got me that time. winking smiley I meant definitely. Don't call them with a defiant additude!
I have heard others state that they review shopping accounts at certain milestones and $500 was one of them.

There are many rumors and speculation as to how they decide when a shopper is deactivated and it is not always following a shop that has been rejected, some have claimed.

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fl2013, I also would contact the Help Desk. For me, they have always been responsive, mostly timely. I suggest you complete any pending assignments. In my experience, MF has not called for clarifications, only to ask my interest in assignments, bonused.

They require current, correct, contact information. You should be able to reach a positive resolution.
I'm sort of in the same boat. No emails this week, but I've been busy so I didn't notice. Logged on yesterday morning and no select button. My profile had no email listed, so I updated. No reminder email or daily email at all today. I wonder if there was a July 1 reset or purge of sorts.

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I have accepted some shops on the 3rd and the 4th and I got the emails with the assignments and also reminder emails since July 1st, so the issue must be something else.
Despite the continued theories and speculation, I'm pretty certain that outside of supplying false information, the mysterious deactivation has to do with only one thing -- errors. They can be large or very small, or even just due to the reviewer themselves making a mistake or signaling it incorrectly, but once you hit a certain number, it's gonzo.

The problem -- well, one of the problems -- is that they don't always tell you the reason. I know someone who was deactivated and he did find out what he had supposedly done. It was just a few very small errors over quite a few years, and to do with the report itself, not the actual shop -- things that were blatantly obvious and easily fixable. Quite honestly, in this particular situation, they were things that other companies would have excused, counted off for in the shop grade, or given feedback that would have cautioned against future errors. I don't shop for them often because I don't like the way they communicate, very much like you're in a vacuum.

My guess is that Market Force has lost a lot of good shoppers for very silly reasons.
If one is lucky enough to find out the reason, they may find it was an internal error at MF. Like when they either warned or deactivated me for exceeding the maximum allowable on site shops in a day. Whether it was human or machine that saw eight, four more on site shops than allowed at the time, I will never know. Either way they failed to see only two of those were on site while the other six were telephone shops. It's the one and only reason I dislike their secrecy when booting out shoppers.

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Not in regards to any situation mentioned in this thread, if you read through the forum you will find that any and every shopper booted from MF was done so spuriously. Privately I have had shoppers complain that with an 'unfairly' rejected shop 'everything about my shop was perfect except ______________'. Or a shopper complain privately that they HAD to cancel because their ___________ got sick/died/broke down/blew up or ___. Yes, sh*t happens to all of us from time to time. If you are a lightning rod for catastrophes that makes you an unreliable shopper. And yes, MF makes mistakes as well. So when there is a problem it does make sense to contact their Help Desk and if you have intentionally been bounced realize that they will not get into a 'Yes, but' discussion with you. They seem to make a diligent effort to sort out those shoppers whose behaviors or reports lead them to feel they are not getting systematically reliable data for the client. I have been bounced from a client for several years because supposedly I was identified as the shopper. It took me about 7 or 8 months to find someone at MF who would leak that information to me while having an unrelated conversation. When the client says they don't want you anymore, the client rules.
The client rules for sure! I knew someone who worked at ONE location. It was my friend's child and I was removed from ALL locations for this client when I told MF about it. Not just the one location where the child was working, but all of them. That has cost me dearly but that is business and I understand. The client rules. Period.
Clients/businesses move and promote employees all the time. The blue banks are notorious for having floaters that rotate from branch to branch. Many times I have traveled to another town to have the same exact banker from the day before at this "new" location. I know some retail stores do the same thing.
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