Maritz question about submitting reports after the 12 hr time limit

Seasoned Maritz shoppers - I have a POUNDING headache trying to get my grocery store audit reports done quickly right now. Boy I did not realize it would take me so long! Does Maritz penalize for late reports, monetarily or does it affect my "rating" with them? THANKS!!

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I have never been penalized financially by Maritz. I have no knowledge of their actual rating system. What I have experienced is a slow system response time that has impacted my ability to upload some nights and it has not been an issue.
I do not condone being late for any report but the Maritz office is not open on Sundays so I doubt anyone will be "looking" for the report until Monday morning. But then again, since they communicate by smoke signal, they could "send" a late notice after the 12-hour deadline. Don't inhale.,
The scolding for late reports varies by client. You may hear nothing from them at all, or you may get a nasty message either as you are submitting the report or as an email. It also seems to matter how close you are to the last day in your scheduled shopping window. No Forum member has ever reported being docked pay. One Forum member indicated that there is a rating system that the schedulers can see, and that the rating is influenced by late reports.
I have done a lot of reports after 12 hours and sometimes got a scolding but never got docked money. Yes, there is a rating system and they can see it. One conversation went like this: "Well, I see you are an ___________ shopper." Another one went like this: "Oh, you've done over ___________ shops and you've only been late twice." I'm thinking since I've done so many after 12 hours that the "late" designation may in some cases apply to 24 hours, not to 12. Don't know, just guessing.

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Thank you ALL! I am finally finished. There were a lot of out of stock items and I did 4 grocery stores in 1 day, plus shopping for other companies yesterday. Thanks again. One can only do what one can do!
I was late once when I ended up in the hospital after I'd done a shop but before it could be reported. Those good people took my report over the phone and let my husband send the receipt via e-mail which they attached to the form on their side of it.

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I have been told that the system doles out ratings based on several things. First of all, if you want a good rating, print out your paperwork as soon as possible. That is the first and easiest thing you can do to influence your ratings. I'm not surprised to hear that it takes into account late reports either.
The shopper portal has a help page that provides some information about your rating. You can get penalized for a number of reasons, including late reports. I probably have done all of the things listed on a regular basis, but I still get offered jobs because I always complete my jobs once I have accepted them no matter what.
I know that debriefing shops within 6 hours can increase your shopper rating with Maritz. Also, getting all the answers correct on the first time when taking a quiz prior to doing a shop. But I don't understand how printing out anything would make a difference. There is so much that is not necessary for me to print out. Can Maritz actually tell when/if something is printed out?
I don't know if you have to print the whole shebang or not, I don't. But I immediately print out the first page of the report, the one that has the debriefing code on it, and sometimes one or two other pages of something. The system knows whether or not you printed it out, and how soon after it was assigned or self-assigned. That is what I was told.
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