Market Force grocery audits

Anyone ever done them? They are paying about $30 total and say they should take about 75 minutes. I assume that means time in store with additional time for the report. If you can give me insight, please do--and thanks in advance.


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Any grocery audit, i think, takes up to four times as much time as they say before you get used to them. Allow yourself four unessential hours your first time. Then the report. I do not work with Marketforce but have done grocery audits. The times estimated are seemingly based on being acclimated.

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Are these the Perishable Audits for a large chain in the Northeast? If so, I've done a few, but only when I'm called with a bonus of $50 or more. They are time consuming, but not difficult. You need to check the store flyer for in stock items and check all perishable departments for cleanliness, stock, etc. It helps if a manager stays with you or checks on you during the audit as he/she can direct you to departments in order and find things you can't. I'm not sure these are the ones you're asking about because the minimum time in store for these is, I think, 90 minutes. It usually takes me about that. First ones take longer.

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For my first perishable audit, I received a scheduler call for $60. If asked again, I would not perform this shop for less. There is a reason the scheduler offered that fee - they know what's involved. There are a lot of departments and it is time consuming. Between the shop and reporting, I think $60 or more is fair for an accurate audit. The regular fee posted is $15, which is ridiculous and they know it. Although I do believe someone is picking them up in my area. If you want to do this audit, put in an offer.
It sounds way more difficult than it probably is. I think I'll pass on these. I can't stand on my feet for long periods of time since my raft of back surgeries, so if that's necessary, I can't possibly perform these shops. Do these shops require standing on one's feet for a long period of time?

@robinv wrote:

............................Do these shops require standing on one's feet for a long period of time?


These shops require you to do a lot of walking. So you are not only on....."ones feet".........your on everybody elses feet.smiling smiley
That's good to know. The most I have seen for these is $20. I haven't done one yet.
It's a lot of walking around the store. If you are a regular shopper at that store, then you will know exactly where to go and can probably get done faster.
A word of caution, take you time doing the perishable audit and do it well, check everything. I do them frequently and love to do them. The requirement is 90 minutes and that is firm, no exceptions. If you leave before the required 90 minutes, it will be invalidated.
I note that some of the grocery stores I shop will put together a 'shopping list' that is specific for a specific store. Some of the MF grocery shops ask you to check the shelves for current sale items (special displays and end caps don't count). Since there are a lot of sale items I don't ever buy even the category, I don't know where they would be in my most familiar store. So I make a 'shopping list' of them for one store and print it out. It has my items organized by which aisle. Then I change store locations but leave the 'shopping list' the same and print out the list for that store etc. That might make the perishable audits somewhat easier as well.
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