Confero---Anybody get paid yet?

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My log says I was paid today but so far nothing in PayPal.

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I had a job scheduled for early August at a sandwich shop. I was looking forward to possibly rewarding employees if certain things happened. Today I got a message that the company was putting the project on hold and not to do the job. Off topic from what you asked, but the same company.
LOL, it's been over 18 months and I m still waiting to be paid from a series of perfect score shops. About 4 months ago, an employee called and assured me it would be paid the following Friday. No such luck.
I am scheduled to shop a sandwich store later this week. Maybe I should cancel.Don't want to work for free.
@SS4U, my sandwich store assignment was cancelled by the company. PM me if you think it might be the same as mine. According to the message I received, the company cancelled all the shops in my area. Depends on where you are maybe.
I got an email from Confero today cancelling a shop I never even signed up for. I am not exactly getting the warm and fuzzies here and perhaps will dis-associate myself from them.
@jay225 - They did look into it. After I stalked them via phone and email, I finally got a response when I threatened legal action. After they called and apologized profusely,...I still have yet to be paid. I have pretty much given up. Regardless, I think everyone knows someone who had a bad experience with each company so maybe this was not typical for Confero.
on my shop log, it has said "payment pending" for 2 shops i did on june 23rd, and june 25th, for the last week. why would it be pending so long?
Same with me...."Payment pending for Mid-June shops and it is now 8/10)....I am not holding my breath.
Don't freak out yet. Shops performed mid-to-end of June are due to be paid the 10th day of the second month following, which is not over yet. This is exactly according to their policy. Why are you all acting like it's late?

I will clarify that my records do show them paying a few days late from time to time, but just wanted to point out that second-half June payments are not actually late yet.
Hey! I never had a problem with them they have paid according to the schedule. Whereas Ace has never paid me. They say that they paid, but I never received any notice so the payment got ate up in fees so NEVER AGAIN will I do one for them.
Confero is one company that says they pay in 90 days and they mean it! it does not matter when the client paid them, they do not pay until the 90 days comes around. I think they do this to not pay newbies that don't pay attention that they have not been paid yet. I have worked for them and I have been paid, but it was at the 90 day mark. More and more companies are realizing we will not tolerate this hurry up and get us the report so we can better train the employee while its fresh, but we wont pay for 90 days, more are starting to pay on scheduled days or immediately after the client pays them. Those are the shops I work for, those are the ones that I appreciate. I avoid shops that do not pay fair fees and take more than 45 days to pay. There are over 200 companies in my emails, many not in my area, but plenty are. Just avoid companies that don't show respect for you as a shopper. They often forget that if we do not "shop" they do not get paid either!
Okay, they are officially late, but they do sometimes pay up to 3 days late for me. Where are you getting 90 days? Their payment policy doesn't say that. The longest you have to wait according to their policy is about 55 days, maybe a few more if they are not on top of things. In a year of working for them, I have never had to wait 90 days.
I was paid via PayPal on August 10th for all the shops which I did in the second half of June. The early June shops were paid on July 29th.

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it says I was paid August 10th, but I didn't receive anything in my paypal, or direct deposit. Maybe they'll send me a check?
Did you other direct deposit people get an email they just sent? Apparently there was a "coding error" that caused the direct deposit to fail. They put it through again and I should see my money in 24-48 hours. It was personally addressed to me about "my" money, which makes it sound like an isolated issue.
Not good news for me. I've been doing a lot of work for them the past couple of months. I like the company, though--definitely no problems with the scheduler and editor. Quite the opposite, in fact.

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I completed my first shop for them in June. My shop says I was paid on August 10th, but I was not. I have not received any further information from them regarding this payment. I'm confused as to why the shop would show that I was paid, when in fact I was not.
My bank received the direct deposit from Confero today, and I usually receive deposits one day ahead of other banks. I hope you see your money soon! I really think this is just a hiccup. Confero has never not paid me.

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Still not paid for June shops although the log says "Paid 8/10." I love their sandwich client, but not so much that I'm going to hunt for my money two months later. Not worth it.

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@89lulalula89 wrote:

I completed my first shop for them in June. My shop says I was paid on August 10th, but I was not. I have not received any further information from them regarding this payment. I'm confused as to why the shop would show that I was paid, when in fact I was not.

DD or PP? DD had a hicccup this time around. and PP has occasionally been a day or two behind.
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