Mintel GNPD - Find new products and mail to London

I received an email from the scheduler, Thomas, which ended up in my spam folder. I have heard great things about Mintel but never heard of this type of project where you are on the lookout for new products and then send your findings to them in a box every two weeks. Has anyone else done this? How is the pay? Thanks much!

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Mintel has had some odd shops in the past, so this isn't out of the question. I will assume that you registered for Mintel so have your password and login to go to their website just to assure yourself it isn't a scam. Emails from them generally will be in your In box on their website as well.

Pay from them tends to be okay and they are a delightful company to work with. Sort of a ray of sunlight on a cloudy day. And it sounds like your task could be rather fun.
If the email comes from a email address, it is real. Like the previous poster said, check your message box online at the mintel shopper site, or call the office in London. Projects usually get assigned either from Chicago or London only. The GNPD is a real program, and could be a lucrative long term project.

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Mintel is a reputable company and great to work with; however, even if Thomas is one of their schedulers logon to the website and make sure that the job is legit. Scammers sometimes use the names of legit schedulers.
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