Who do I contact at Confero?

I have a shop that was "Completed" on 7/28, but was never marked "Received" and has not yet been paid. They have not sent me any communication about this shop.

On top of that, I have done shops since then that have been "Received" and since been paid.

I contacted Confero via the Help/Contact link attached to the shop itself. Then, a few days later, I sent an email to shopperpayments@conferoinc.com. That was a full week ago. I've heard nothing.

Is there any other way to contact them? Maybe a phone number or an actual person in charge of payments?

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Reading their payment policy, from what I can tell, your July 28 shop should have been paid on or about Sept. 10. Verify that your email address is accurate for PayPal. On their home page, Confero lists phone numbers for clients or potential clients. I would give it a few more days, then I would call the phone number, particularly in light of the fact that they have not responded. Although, I have to say, I am not too surprised. In my experience, they are none too swift at replying.

Their payment terms are lengthy, but I have always been paid accordingly.
Confero is one of the very few companies that I will not shop for. Their editor is a real POS.
I have never had a payment issue with them before, and I've done shops for them since and been paid. What worries me is that the shop is still listed as "completed" and I can't seem to get a hold of anyone. I've called the 800 number on their site and left a message. I've emailed they shopper payments link and used the Help/Contact link on the shop itself.

Today, I emailed the scheduler for the shop, so hopefully she can help me. I know it's not her job or responsibility at this point, but I'm at a loss for where to turn.

If the shop is rejected, I can live with that, but an explanation that that is, in fact, the case and a reason why would be appreciated.
Hopefully, the scheduler will reply. She has a vested interested in your shop being accepted and you getting paid.

Sometimes, if I am getting nervous about one of my shops being in limbo, I check the job board to see if it has been re-posted. Some boards will show the shop, even to the shopper who was not successful. Or, I will ask my husband to check his board and let me know if anything is amiss.

Good luck, and keep us posted.
I completed a sub shop job for them 9 days ago which is still listed as completed. I'm very curious as to why it hasn't been marked received and a score added. How long should I wait before I start making inquiries? I e-mailed the scheduler to clarify a direction before the shop, but no one responded back, so I doubt sending a message that way will do me any good.
Yeah, I'm amazed because one of the schedulers for a couple of the shops I'm concerned with is from one of the companies that gets praised a lot for responses, but I don't understand why because the gal I've contacted about questions and issues is either very slow to respond or never responds.

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They have always been really good for me so perhaps they are having a temporary issue. I did a shop for them on 10/12 and have not received my rating yet. It typically happens within a few days. I did a new audit for them on 10/19 and it has already been rated. I can also see on previous shops that I am being paid tomorrow for them.
Unless timing of the rating delays the pay date, I would not worry. If the rating is held up without explanation, and pay day is prolonged, that is another matter. Stated payment terms should be met.
I finally got word from Confero about a week ago. I had written the shop off at that point. They apologized for the delay; apparently the shop fell between the proverbial cracks and was missed. They'll pay it on the next go-round. (So... early November?) It's my only shop still unpaid from July.

At no point in their contact did they mention my emails or phone calls. I'm wondering if they even got them.
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