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I did see a post tonight for their site being down. I am totally confused with their scheduling. I got assigned a shop, I did not sign up for, and then the person was annoyed, and told me she turned down two other shoppers so I could have that. I never applied for the shop. The situation is becoming very uncomfortable and confusing. I have not been able to get into their website for over a week. I kept putting my email down asking to get my password and login information, and it wasn't get sent to me. That happened to me several times. I have not had this problem with any other MSC. Is this common, or has this happened to anybody else?

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Have you completed that shop before? Is it possible that you checked off on being assigned the shop when it comes up again?
Just thought I would ask. I was trying to figure out a couple shops assigned to me and realized I did the very thing i aaked about.
Thanks, for the advice. These are the first shops I have tried to do with them. I am wondering if I was even registered on their actual website. I applied for the shops on the KKS International website.
I've never had a scheduling experience with Maritz like you're describing. If you applied for Maritz shops with KSS that may be where you were assigned the shop.

Mary Davis Nowell. Based close to Fort Worth. Shopping Interstate 20 east and west, Interstate 35 north and south.
I think, I just don't have the nerves for the last minute scheduling. I have found a lot of MSC, I like working with. I am sure this is part of the learning process. I might not fit in well with every company.
I have done a couple Maritz shops through KSS. Its really not that bad. Once you complete the shop you just have report to Maritz, then you log into KSS and mark the job as complete. Side note: the folks at Maritz are pretty awesome for the most part. If you have doubts or questions just call them up. They have always been helpful when I have called. I know some people may have issues with Maritz at times, but there are quite a few good reasons a ton of people complete work for them. That's something you'll have to find out for yourself though.
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