Does anyone have a contact number for International Service Check or their scheduler JoAnn Price?

I was paid the reimbursement but not the shop fee. I have emailed the scheduler and International Service Check several times and have had no response.

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Her sig line contains the number 1-860-800-2204.

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I have emailed her directly, I have PM'd her from listings on the job board, I have emailed ISC and not gotten any response. I have done all this over the past two weeks. I did not have the above above phone number and will try it tomorrow. Thanks for the help. It is really strange, they have always paid when expected and I like shopping for them. JoAnn has contacted me directly (always through email) and offered me jobs which is why this is so odd. I will keep trying.
Hello Frame,
my name is Andrea and I work for ISC. Can you please give me your service checker number in order to help you with your case?

Jo Ann is not scheduling anymore, this is why she probably did not reply to you. Happy to help you here!
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