I highly recommend to work with MINTEL

I was just reviewing the jobs I have carried out with them. Some of the surveys are long, but they are online and easy to fill.

The schedulers are very friendly and open to rescheduling if a real reason is provided.

Very good firm to work with,

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Hey Super Star Member rardon!
That was really kind of you to share the website. Thank you, because I've
never heard of them. I'm signed with 146 companies at last count, do work for
about 15-25, but as far as far as applying goes, I'm only to the K's on
Volition's list. Of course, I have a lot of companies whose names start with
letters beyond that in the alphabet, but those have been given to me by 3 of
my extended family members who also MS.
I'll apply to Mintel, pronto.
Thanks again.
Mintel is great to work for. They were one of my most frequent MSPs for 2007. Their jobs were sometimes unusual, generally entertaining and only occasionally offered a benefit beyond the fee (though for some shipping shops you might have to lay out $25 or so that was reimbursed). I am concerned because I have seen no postings for 2008.
I was play for Mintel but I do not have any of schedul with them. Please let me know where I make mistake.
Thank you
Unfortunately they have posted almost nothing so far this year. The only shops I have seen are left overs and reshops from 2007 and one very small logo shop. Hopefully they will get it in gear soon because they are a super company to work for.
Best thing about Mintel is they pay as soon after they get your survey. No waiting until next month. But, they don't have much in NEPA either.
I did my first Mintel today, it took hours to scan and email 4 items, I just finished about an hour ago. Yuck
The scanning gets a whole lot easier and faster once you have a system set up for doing it. My scanner is terribly slow, so as soon as I walk in the door from a bunch of shops, I stop by the scanner and put in the first receipt. While it scans I do my bathroom stop smiling smiley I save it to my thumb (jump) drive and start the next scan. While that is going I change clothes to something more comfortable and fire up the laptop to do the report. I save that scan to my thumb drive and start the next one. Head for the kitchen to get a snack or beverage and start opening email on the laptop. Continue this process until I have everything scanned and I am ready to sit down and start entering reports with my receipts ready to upload into them.

Unless the company specifies some format other than jpg they will get everything as jpg because pdf format files are just too slow to upload for me. I also find that jpg files are easier to size to a small enough size that they will upload fairly quickly.
That is very insightful, today, I came home did 3 reports and stared scanning, then I asked my husband if he would show me again how to do it, he says look here its done, so if I scan them first and then do repots the companies pick them up and boom done???!!! Oh right well that just knocked out hours of my life being sucked away.
It varies from company to company. Last year Mintel changed from having to have all scans sent to them via email to some or all of them being uploaded at the bottom of the report. You simply go to the little upload option and show it where on your computer the appropriate document scan is stored and as you submit the report it will carry a copy of the scan with it.

I am just delighted because they have finally posted shops in my area and I grabbed a handful to do between today and Monday. I was getting concerned because they had emailed me about a cheapie logo shop but it was gone when I got there and then I had found only one other shop so far in 2008, but it looked like a reshop from 2007.
I took a job for Sea Island due by monday, and I think I will cancel it. It is far and that grocery store doesn't pay well, its 40 minutes away and I did all my other shops for that area yesterday. And of course they aren't reimbursing, but ya have't to buy stuff and this stuff is pricey, ya know how organic I am, I can not afford pricey organic, Walmart organic is high enough.
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