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Anyone done these? They've gotten to a fairly high fee in my neck o' the woods and I'm considering taking one. I'm a current customer of the client and have been thinking I need to get a new phone anyway (you should see my phone... it's pretty hilarious).

As I understand it, you have to go in, buy a new phone or new line and then report on the process and be paid the shop fee. Then, 30 days later you have to complete a survey about your bill, after which you get a partial reimbursement of the cost of the phone or service you added.

I doubt anyone would do these just for the fee (the fee doesn't begin to cover the likely cost of the shiny new iPhone I want), but since I'm going to buy one in the next few months anyway, I'm considering it. Anyone have any experience with these? Thanks in advance!

Shopper in California's Bay Area

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How much is the shopper's fee in your area? Sometimes I think they offer more where the shops are harder to fill. Right now in my area the SF is $125. There is like 7 shops here. But in the grand schemes of things, you can only do one right?

They aren't for only iPhones either. I would opt for something that is more life sustaining. APPLE/iPhone comes out with something new ~~ every six months, and I would hate to have to keep up. Aren't Samung or Droid just as good as iPhone?

Let me know how it works out for youwinking smiley
thanks for the reply!

There are lots of shops here too... they started out at $50 shop fees and are up to $125, plus $50 "reimbursement" once you fill out the follow up report. I don't think any have been taken in my area and I've been waiting to see if the fee would go up, but I'd like to get a sense for what I'm getting into.

I may end up going with another phone than the iPhone, I believe the shop can be done with any smart phone. I know this carrier has two options when buying a new phone: you can use their program that's kinda like a lease, where you just pay a device fee every month, or you can buy the phone outright. I'd probably buy the phone. Hopefully someone who has done one can chime in with some details about whether there are any restrictions in what type of phone, and how you have to pay for it.

I'll definitely provide an update if I end up taking the shop, but I'm hoping someone can provide some more details before I dive in.

Shopper in California's Bay Area

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I am also considering this shop but want to have more information on what kind of phone is allowed. I just wrote the help desk and will share the response here. I do remember the qualification questions stating that a flip phone was not allowed but it did not say specifically that it had to be a smart phone. I wish it was possible to read the complete instructions for shops like this before assigning it.
I wonder if you can buy a HTC Go phone on a current plan. We purchased one for my son last year. Great android for a teen. The phone was $179.

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This is one of the most expensive carriers and you will be locked into a two year plan and pay MSRP for the phone. They would have to sweeten the offer to subsidize the difference in price for two years of service compared to a cut rate pre-pay plan before it became worthwhile to me. Do the math on the plan rate, below the line fees and the cost of the device. I have seen better offers with no report to fill out just to get you to switch to them. Read the fine print of the carrier contract before you even think of taking this job.
I already have this carrier, so I guess I'm already getting fleeced, but I like the service and the performance. Just need a new phone and figured since I was going to buy one anyway, I'd get paid for filling out a report about it.
I believe this carrier (and most carriers, honestly) is moving away from contracts. @scanman1, do you know anything about this job specifically? Do the guidelines require that you get new service with a 2 year contract?

Shopper in California's Bay Area
Instead of all the brainwashing that the sales people perform on you by doing cellular shops, I advise everyone to read the Clark Howard Guide to Cell Phone Savings:

Most people pay way too much for cell phone usage. Clark Howard is great and so is Leo Deport (sp ?). I have learned more from listening to these 2 guys then I ever did from the high pressured sales tactics that the cell phone shops use. That being said I would not lock into a contract if that was part of the shop. If it was a pay as you go type of contract it might be worth it.
I completed one over the weekend. With the $125 shop fee and $50 reimbursement, I was able to upgrade one of my phone lines to the HTC 626 which is $187 retail. Super easy report. If they are still on the board, make sure to call the store to see if the HTC 626 is in stock.
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