Confero November 25th pay

Has anyone had problems getting paid from Confero? On my shop log it says I was paid and I have no record of it in my bank or pay pal for the 25th. What is very odd is that my boyfriend did a shop the same day with me in a different location and he was paid. He had his account information to be paid to pay pal, while mine is suppose to go into my bank account. I sent an email, but I was curious because direct deposit should be faster or the same. I hope it will be figured out tomorrow.

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It was October 7th, it says it was paid in my shopper log. I am new and have not gotten any pay from them. I am hoping my deposit information is correct. My boyfriends shop was October 14th and he got paid. He also received an email that he was paid, but I did not receive an email. I thought, I did a shop for them on the 14th but I have other shops dated the 10/19. The 19th might not have gotten out yet. I would not have even looked at it because I am just starting to get payments from some companies. It is really odd. It is hard when you are just starting out keeping track of the company pay dates.

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I had in my notes: Shop done 1st - 15th of Jan. will be paid around Feb. 25, shops done 16th – 31st of Jan. will be paid around the March 10th. So your Oct. 7th shop should have been paid around Nov. 25th. I hope they can clear it up for you.
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