Confero: website security certificate expired. ARRGHH! Anyone else having a problem filling out reports?

So I have had a hell of a time attempting to fill out my shop report. Confero has let their security certificate expire, so I haven't been able to upload photos or receipts. I believe this has happened before with Confero.
It is odd because I logged on earlier and everything was okay, I get home, log in, and all hell breaks out.

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I'm glad you posted this. I just tried to log on to assign a shop and got the same message. Funnily enough, I'd got a fraud alert from my credit card company less than an hour ago so when I saw Confero message I had decided that my computer had been overrun by hackers.
I submitted a report this afternoon without any issues.

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@cubbiecat wrote:

I submitted a report this afternoon without any issues.

Yes, the website was fine when I logged in the afternoon; it was after 8 PM when there was a problem. Incidentally, if you log in now ( 10:55 AM), they are still having a problem.

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I got a message saying the server certificate could not be verified. That the website may be trying to trick me,and would I like to continue anyways? I use Opera, I don't know what other people's messages are.
They updated the certificate and are good for two more years. My certificate is tied to my domain and yearly hosting fees. I always pay at least two weeks early as Comodo can take 3-4 days to generate a new SSL certificate.

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