Anybody else having trouble with reporting several men burger shop?

If I select that I was Satisfied with my experience and then select that the staff was Enthusiastic, I get an error message that I have to select Enthusiastic/Positive. There is no positive. If I downgrade to somewhat satisfied it lets me go to the next page, but that wouldn't be true or fair.

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I guess I could go back several pages to the comments on service and explain why I put only Somewhat Satisfied. I have only 8 hours to report this. No answer by phone or email from the help desk.
You can wait until you're done with the shop and hit "summary", and edit it from there to add your comments in the right area. If it's the MSC I'm thinking it is, it takes waaaaay too long for every page to load to go back a few pages!
There are a few things with that report that just irritate me almost irrationally. If an item was not Excellent, on the next page you can't say it was Fresh. If I see the food being prepared and it comes out to me immediately, it is Fresh whether it is wretched or not! Get a life survey writer!
The thing that's bothering me most right now is that eight hour window. I've emailed twice and left a message on the phone. If the reporting is going to have such a tight window, there should be support available when something goes wrong. I didn't really want to do this one, but they called me. If I don't get paid because the report won't work, that would be very discouraging.
At a certain point you bite your tongue and put in what makes the survey work and just get on with your life.
If it were me, I'd do whatever the system requires to get it to move forward. Then I would email the scheduler and explain what your ratings were, but what the system required and how it responded to what you tried to do. You're done. You don't need a response. You've explained your ratings as best you can do and the system requirements. On to the nextie.

Of course, if there is a place at the end for a narrative, that is where I would put it, instead of the email to the scheduler.
Also, my experience with helpdesk is your e-mail to them will at least stop them from pulling the shop from you. So relax. I enjoy most of the ff shops, but just absolutely dread the reports!
Well. Come to find out, the Enthusiastic/positive referred to in the error message at a question near the end of the survey doesn't refer to the Enthusiastic in the question next to it. It refers all the way back to Enthusiastic/positive in a question near the beginning. I'm not allowed to be Satisfied overall unless the staff were enthusiastic AND positive at the beginning. Report still in QC.

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From my experience with these shops, the way the report is set up, it will flag certain answers that they consider conflicting with answers provided to different questions. IMHO, it sort of sets one up for giving a better than the experience report. For instance, if someone is observed cleaning any part of the restaurant, don't even think about marking off for something being not clean, even if they weren't cleaning that area. Enthusiastic must be checked off in the beginning in order for you to rate the restaurant crew as "enthusiastic" later on. I found that out the same way the OP did. If your bun is soggy, but you ordered mushrooms on the burger, you can't say the bun was soggy.

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