jmridgeway fast payment...

I did an apartment shop for them 2 days ago. In the description of the shop the scheduler said it'd pay in 2 days as long as I sent in a pay request. It was a decent bonus($65 total) so I went for it. I completed the shop on the 5th, and had to wait until today to finish the report as I had to see if they'd call me within 48 hours. Anyway, I sent in a pay request a few hours ago, and within an hour they pay pal'd me the $65. Easily the fastest i've ever been paid for a shop so I figured i'd give them props on here.

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Yes, I have seen that offered on a few of their shops when they have a need to get them done. Now granted, it's not as completely awesome and amazing as a hero citation, but what the heck! (Okay, heavy sarcasm is over) Kudos to JM Ridgeway for offering something of true value to their shoppers, and showing them respect!!
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