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So I have seen several posts on here about how Cirrus doesn't answer or doesn't pay, etc. But I have a question for any shoppers who may have forgotten to send an invoice in. I did several shops in Nov. 2015, and being that they were the first jobs that I'd done for Cirrus, and because they were the first company that required an invoice, I forgot to send it in. It's now January, and I'm wondering if there's even a point to sending it in now? Do you have any experience with this? I've emailed but not heard anything back yet. It's over $100 on the line, so I'm pretty anxious for payment. I realize it's my fault, but I've never worked for a company who required an invoice before.

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Send in the invoice and just add a note saying you forgot to do it initially. If you aren't paid by early March, give them a call.
Payment Processing?
EVERY shopper must submit an invoice for services rendered. As a subcontractor it is your responsibility to submit a completed invoice to If you don't have an invoice, you should be given a copy of an invoice by your scheduler during your initial scheduler interaction ( PLEASE DO NOT SEND US YOUR SSN# until asked for). NEXT, your payment from Cirrus will be made through PayPal…no exceptions! We are very sorry but we are unable to issue hard-copy checks due to past fraudulent activities. Getting paid for an assignment depends solely on whether or not you completed the assignment correctly. To sign up for a PayPal account you can go to Once payment is processed, you will receive a notification from PayPal saying…"You’ve got money!”

If you completed your shop during this month... Payment processing begins month end (hits PayPal usually 3-5 after month end):
January April
February May
March June
April July
May August
June September
July October
August November
September December
October January
November February
December March

I completed a shop in October and sent my invoice in immediately. I am still waiting for my payment. It looks like I should be paid at the end of January or beginning of February? I would send in an invoice, but it might take awhile for payment to process. I see a phone number of 1-888-899-7600 for Cirrus. If I don't get my payment soon, I am going to call. Good luck!
Yes, the end of the month or in the first couple of days of the following month. It's too early to call for October shops. You definitely won't get payment before 1/31.
I completed 6 shops for them in August and still have not been paid. I have sent emails, which have been ignored. There's $250 at stake here. Plus most of these shops were several miles away. I will definitely be using the phone number today.
I had printer and scanner issues from the end of December through January. I was printing guidelines at my Dad's through the first week of February. I couldn't submit my December invoice until the end of February.

I bit the bullet and decided my December money wouldn't hit before June. It showed up today. I also got a little blurb that the other months would be paid according to their 90 day policy.

That rocks my world! I love working with my Cirrus scheduler's. And if i have to wait an additional 2 months for my pay check to work with some of the most fabulous scheduler's, so be it.

I route shop and I need flexible scheduling. My Cirrus scheduler's get it.

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