Rescheduling with Market Force

One of the things I love about Market Force is the ability to reschedule so easily. I've rescheduled to complete the shop sooner and later. The other day though, I saw a notice about only taking a shop if you can complete it on the date without rescheduling. Does rescheduling a shop negatively affect your standing with them? I've taken shops that I was not able to complete on the date (and told the scheduler that at the time) and was instructed to just reschedule in a few days when more dates open. It doesn't seem fair that those situations should reflect badly on me. Thoughts?

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I think with Market Force, rescheduling a few times is not bad, otherwise why do they give that option? It is canceling a shop without a valid reason that would really affect your record. After working for MFI for many years, I just canceled one shop because of conflict with CFA shops which they called me about. There was no other date to reschedule it. But they still gave me a chance to give my reason. Your rescheduling the shop will be safer, I bet.
I probably reschedule 5-10% of my shops for them each year and it seems to have had no negative consequences. Typically I ask for the first date of the window if that looks reasonable and is clear. If something comes up I may reschedule to a later date in the window.
Yes, I have been shopping with them for about 7 years I think, and I reschedule here and there without any repercussions. In fact, there have been a time or two that I rescheduled a shop the maximum amount of times I was allowed. I would imagine it's the people who cancel shops regularly who get dinged.
I occasionally have to resked an MFI shop. I figure the MSC would rather have the shop done within its stated time frame than have the shopper cancel it. Then the MSC would have to search for another shopper. Better to reschedule than leave the MSC needing to find another shopper - fast! I have had no negative consequences as long as I do what I am supposed to do within the time I have said I would do it (even if it means having to shift the day.)

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I've rescheduled with MFI many times - often because I got home to realize I'd done the shop wrong (dine in instead of drive thru, etc.). If I can reschedule, I do that. It appears you get one reschedule online with no problem. A second reschedule requires them to do it.
I once rescheduled the wrong shop on MF... grr... that was annoying because of course once you reschedule it, you can't reschedule it back online. I made it work, but I was very annoyed with myself and have been extremely careful (you know... the way I should have been from the start winking smiley ever since.

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I am the queen of reshedule at MF. When the jobs come up on the board here, you need to be quick to snatch them up or they are gone in a flash. Don't have time to get the daytimer out, I do that later. Yet, I have never canceled a shop and I always take the phone calls and take shops when they are desperate to get a cancellation filled. Dependability is key here.
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