I need a little help with a Maritz report, please!

Bounced back from the editor with a note: photo needs to clearly show the QSR.

What is a QSR, please?

They aren't open, it's 11:30 PM, they want the photo NOW, but they won't be open for phone calls til Monday!

Thanks for any help.

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Cease, if they have a "quick serve restaurant" you need a photo. Generally they mean a Subway, Taco Bell, etc, and not just an in-house deli.
Cease, obviously, this was a "yellow gas station", correct? The editor saw that you checked off in the report that there was a restaurant at the location.
If you did not, there are 3 ways they might believe there was, therefore requesting a photo.
Firest, you need to review the photos you took and sent in. For the storefront photo, was there anything advertising a Dunkin Donuts, Subway, etc in the Cstore? If not, review your mid photo. Did it advertise having one of those quick serve type restaurants on the mid? Last of all, look at your overall and forecourt photos. Was there any advertising about one of those restaurants at the location?
One of those scenarios happened to me. Luckily, I did have a photo. If there truly is a qsr at the location and you do not have a photo, you'll need to go back and take the photo. I would not worry about the 12 hour , etc rules. They do give good shoppers a few days to reply. I would even call on Monday to explain the situation. They are usually agreeable.
If there is not a qsr at the location, you should call them on Monday, explaining that there is not a qsr there and that they are mistaken.

Hope that helps!
Oh, thanks a million! Yes, there was a quick service restaurant, and thank heavens, I did take photos of it. The photos aren't very good, because it was closed, but I DO have photos!

I just couldn't get my head around "QSR"..."CSR", sure, That's "Customer Service Rep". I couldn't find a reference to QSR anywhere in the MASSIVE amount of paperwork!

I have now spent FIVE HOURS on this report...plus one hour on-site...and 3 hours drive time!

Thank you so much -- I was totally stumped!
Hang in there. These do get easier with practice. I think they are worth more than they pay, though, even after doing hundreds. Especially with the low price of gas these days. When the gas earned was worth nine dollars, the audit was a lot more valuable to me that it is now.

Either way, it is worth more than the starting price. At twenty dollars plus reimbursement, I will start taking them. The inside reimbursement is useless to me nine times out of ten. The gas at this station is more expensive than I would pay on my own, so I don't value that at full price either.

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FYI I did a remote location with a QSR and did not take a direct front on photo of it. I received the request for a photo so I provided three photos from different angles of the QSR. One showed the back side from the counter. It was accepted.

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